Retain or release


Would consider Rueben Reid for this league.

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I agree with assessing Norman. Hasn’t had many chances and might be OK in L2.



That leaves Darrell Clarke :joy::joy:



Who? People want Devlin, Leahy and Guthrie released. That’s literally all of our out of contract defence. People are putting the blame on all of the ones that we can get rid of.



I just hope Kory Roberts is back for pre-season. If we’re ever to recover that assured, possession based style Smith cultivated it needs to be built from the back, KR is our very last legacy of that.



Anyone know the position with Chambers?



I want to keep Devlin cause I felt he was the best of the back four with also room to improve under a better manager and due to his height, pace, stamina and strength he has all the physical attributes needed it’s just about adjusting a few things tactically/mentally, which is a lot easier to coach. He is very good going forwards, he will scare the life out of league 2 defenders on the overlap. He also has leadership qualities and a good rapport with fans.



I’d rather him than Ishmel. Devlin is reasonably versatile and he and Norman could play in a 5 or RB or RM. the fans like Devlin and at League Two level, he would be good. Agree about Korey but the signing of Sinclair would also be pivotal because he could do the job of Chambers. I always hated him as an opposition supporter because he was like a wasp in the face of midfielders. He would get the best out of Dobson or Edwards (one or both may leave though).



Left back on the treatment table.

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It’s been over the course of the whole season! Anyway, pointless debate now. As you say they’ll all be gone soon enough and we can move on.