Retained/released list for next season

Now that it is confirmed that the 2019/20 League 2 season is over, which players should we look to retain or release for next season? Who is already signed up and who might attract other clubs? I can only think of Liam Roberts, Josh Gordon, MacDonald and Lavery who might be coveted by others? In terms of players I would look to release: Sadler, Clarke, Sinclair and Guthrie - they must be our highest earners and I think we could do better.

I think if the season had continued we would have had teams looking at Adebayo too.

Can’t see him releasing James Clarke. I think he rates him very highly and he also loves to talk about having experience in the side so I doubt he’d release all of those.

Im sure Guthrie did one of those “plenty left in the tank” interviews recently as well regarding playing for Walsall past the end of this season.

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Think it’s important that we try to hold on to Pring and Holden if possible as they will be very good league 2 performers next season .
I would just get rid of Sadler and Guthrie to be honest as they will be top earners and a year older and even more injury prone.


Many players signed one year deal last season, but probably there are clauses for next year. I would feel uneasy, when younger players, who had good or above average season, will be captured by someone else, without much fight. Loan players are totally different story, they can just return to theirs clubs. Rest, from pair Clarke-Sinclair, I would keep Clarke. I think there is cover in the middle, maybe not that creative, but well. World is not perfect too. Rest? Guthrie and Sadler? I’m not too convinced, they will be ready for the next season. Probably no one knows, when this next season will start, so this can be futile thinking. So far I see there is some promise, that could be good squad, but as I said, when next season starts. That’s the biggest question now.

Would be brilliant if we could sign these permanently , and I look forward to seeing more of Jack Nolan when we get up and running again


Yeah Clarke and Sinclair will stay, both DC disciples and from what I’ve seen two of the better performers this season.

Would let Guthrie go. Good performer when he’s fit but that’s been pretty rare and would think Bates will be regular week in week out starter next season so create more space for him.

Can see Jules going if any bids come in. Norman under contract for another year otherwise he’d be on the hitlist.

Interested to see what the transfers target will be. Another striker is a must even with the improvements of the forwards from xmas onwards. To get promoted you need one 15-20 goal striker in the ranks.

More creativity in midfield aswell.

Feels odd actually talking about football players on this forum!

I wouldn’t change too much if possible. Can’t see Pring coming back, so another left back definitely. Rose and Holden to possibly come back. Likes of Hardy and Candlin will probably be off too.

Maybe send Sheron back and sign a more attack minded midfielder?

There were alot of good signs at the end of the season, so I’d like us to stay as we are as I expect alot of other teams to be alot weaker due to the current situation.

Will the financial situation dictate that we release everyone who isn’t already signed up? If no money is coming in, and with outgoings to meet, maybe we will be forced to have a clear-out.

In the current financial situation I 'm expecting more out than in.
OUT Candin, Hardy, Guthrie, Sadler, Kory Roberts (sadly), Little + loans - Pring, Holden, Rose, Sheron.

If money pressures dictate, then Facey may also be released.
We don’t know what contract Jules has but as we paid for him I’d expect him to remain.
If it wasn’t for his last few games, then I’d have thought Adebayo would also have been released.

We’ve already signed Perry and Willis and let’s not forget Nolan. Cockerill-Mollet may start as #1. We need to replace Holden, but not expecting a new striker and all other arrivals will be hungry (and cheap).

The future is uncertain so I’m not expecting us to spend money until January 2021 when the future will be clearer.

I don’t think anybody (Salford apart).will be spending money. Just hope we come out of this slightly better off than others in our league . There will be a lot of decent players looking for Clubs next season on reduced terms I would think.


I wonder to what extent the vast majority of clubs in the division will able to offer new terms of any description to any player out of contract, until such time that they know exactly when they’ll be playing in front of paying punters again.

I’m merely speculating here, but wouldn’t be surprised if there were to be many, many conversations- at a whole host of clubs- that go along the lines “we’d love you to stay, but can’t offer you anything right now, so we’ll be in touch if and when we can, if you’re not already fixed up elsewhere by then.”


Fagree with you there .but i wouldnt get rid of sinclair .hes a work horse .hes got more energy and eager to get the ball than some of the younger lads . I think josh gordon might be tempted away by a decent league 1 side .if wes doesnt leave he will defo have interest from many teams half way threw next season


I’m not sure whose contract is up for renewal in June, but at this point I can’t see them keeping anyone on who is out of contract. Money is way tighter than usual, we have no idea when the new season will even kick off, and we’ll have minimal income when we do eventually start. The club will be looking to cut expenditure to the bone. I’d expect loan players to all be returned, with possibly one or two returning when things are more stable.

I agree. I think there will be some good players swilling around who we might have a chance of signing. You would hope that as a “well-run club”, we might have an advantage over some other clubs. Perhaps, also, Jeef could give us a rent-free year??!!

I wouldn’t be surprised if no new signings were made until there is certainty about crowd measures. Loans/out of contract players will most likely be returned/released and with a few youth players added to the first team group we will operate with a first team squad of 18-20 max in my view.

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I have to agree that we should wait to sign players pending the outcome of this pandemic.
We have always been a cautious club, with these uncertain times, I can’t see that changing.

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Well Colchester,Scunthorpe and Cambridge have already let players go who they would have retained if the future was clear. We may well be in the same boat. DC said we would be using younger players next season as would most other teams at our level. I think therefore we will only keep those players who are contracted for next year and will not sign anyone else until the future is clearer. I am more sanguine than others about next season but I think it will be another month before we can be certain we are getting on top of this thing.

Salford have just released all their out of contract players and only taken up a contract option on one.

Think they’ll be waiting to see who else is released, then signing a few bargains. Agents know they’re cash rich, though…