Retro auto glass shirt

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref blue auto glass retro shirt

We are now into the last few days of the pre order timescale for this shirt

If you do require one you need to put your order in now as once order is sent over we can’t add to it

Another iconic shirt from our history. With this one being the last away shirt worn as the curtain was brought down on our fellows park days

As said its only available via our 1888 store. And only on a pre order basis

Fully endorsed by Walsall football club as per our Official licensing agreement So every shirt purchased. Helps. Our club

Use the link below to secure yours.

Anything for Pride month?

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Send over what you would like to see produced. And we can Take a look at getting it done for you

We can also post to nz. No problem


Are the 2 badges and Autoglass logo printed on the fabric or clumpy stuck on stuff.

Bornasaddler The Walsall crest and the scoreline. logo are heat sealed will look as if they have been sublimated into the material

The auto glass wording will be fully embroidered.

Think anyone who has brought previous shirts. Will confirm that. We have had no issues whatsoever. With any of the. Badges or transfers used to date.

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Ordered mine this morning :+1:t2:

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Any time frame on when these will arrive @Dhforever?

I think they are due the last week in August. I just checked the ISSA Facebook page and Dhforever answered the same question with that answer. I am sure he will confirm 100% with you when he sees this.

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Cheers. Looking forward to this one. Nice to see a lot of fans wearing previous releases at the games too :+1:t2:

Sorry for late reply guys. These are due with me at end of the month

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