Retro Kits

Looks like the club have cottoned on to the popularity of retro kits with more to come!


Purchased mine earlier

In 1990?


They look quality, im pretty sure we will shift a few of those.

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These look good. It says sizing guide is on the online shop, but can’t see it anywhere. Wondering if they’ll be old school, original sizing or modern day where you have to go a few sizes up.

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They are also selling ‘personalised’ shirts for £45, but I can’t see any information on what the personalisation is.

Anyone know?

Name and number on back of the shirt, which is good value tbf its normally a couple of quid a letter with the number being abit more.

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Very nice i had the blue away shirt that season.

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1995 Nicholl promotion shirt should be one for the future.

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Anyone know where the size charts are for the shirts