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Ref retro top

This is the finished version of the top
As you can see from the images the lettering is now correctly spaced, and the 1888 logo as been added to the back of the neck

Anyone who wants to place an order for this retro top. Can do so by popping into the railway club prior to Saturday,s game with Oxford or catch me in and around

. The kiosk area in the upper at half time on Saturday

The bulk order will be placed on the following Monday , and all tops must be paid for at point of order, I will not be able to add to order after it has been placed

To those who can’t get to railway or are in a different stand to myself on Saturday please pm me and I can provide bank details for direct transfer of payment to take place

All tops will be ordered to the size specified by yourself at point of order and are non returnable if wrong size has been purchased by yourself

Everyone who saw the sample top at Doncaster where. Commenting on how good the quality of the top was, all lettering is hand stitched into top and is not a transfer

Delivery time as been quoted as approx four to six weeks, maximum

So if you want one of these please indicate quantities and sizes required in the comments box, and come and see me Saturday,

Thanks to all who have assisted in bringing this top into production, Well happy with the finished product,


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Can’t get to open the image , not sure if it’s me or your upload Olly

How do we see this top ?

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It’s not me then @Gavin77 :+1::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ve edited the post. Uploading images isn’t easy if you don’t do it often.


How much are these tops ?

£25 i believe mate.

Thanks exile for sorting the images,
Must admit I was having difficulties, , your help much apreciated

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Tops are £25 with the supplier quoting a four to six week delivery timescale

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