Returning supporter

Hi guys,

I’ve been away from regularly attending games for the past few years for a variety of reasons, mainly due to the fact we have been awful to be honest but I feel the time is right to maybe make a return and support the boys. My god have I missed it! I have been an avid reader of this site without adding input and always watched the games on Ifollow.

Just a few questions from me before Saturday.

  • where do most go for a pre match beer these days? I’ve seen a few mention ‘The Railway’ just lately? Not sure exactly which one that is?

  • Does anybody know the best way to get to Bescot from Sutton Coldfield? Walmley to be exact but town centre is fine.

  • Where is the best place to park if driving works out to be the best option? Obviously no beers then which is half the fun!

Looking forward to Saturday!



Firstly, welcome back. Hopefully you’ll be one of many who plan on returning. People drink at the Railway and you can get a shuttle bus to the ground, or its about a 10/15 minute walk. Parking is allowed on their carpark as well.

I park on Grand Junction Way, but Bescot Crescent is popular too. Not sure whether parking is allowed on the retail park anymore.

Hopefully the team can make your return enjoyable on Saturday!


Is the Railway open all day? I usually visit the community hub with my lad but may try to get down early enough to experience the railway then walk to the ground and let the little’n loose in the community hub for a bit before kickoff. Still not sure where it is to be honest, would it be easy enough to get away from the railway after the game if heading north? I usually go through Aldridge then onto A38 Lichfield.

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It’s right by Pleck bridge on Wednesbury road.

The Railway is at the top of Bescot Crescent. I think it opens at 11ish. Access is easy enough to Aldridge, just head towards the Arbo from there :+1:t2:

Buses number 6 or 77 will get you from Sutton town centre to Walsall town centre.

Alternatively, train from Sutton to Bescot Stadium, changing at Aston.

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Welcome back!!!

It’s great to hear about returning supporters. We have so many dormant fans desperate for a reason to return.
We now have that reason!
I’m going Saturday with my wife and three children.
That’s the first time since the Keates era. It didn’t stick then for obvious reasons, but I hope it does now.
Having watched (with my 10 Yr old Son) us dispatch Hartlepool the day before my wedding, day, I really hope the fantastic form continues on Saturday, and my family get hooked too!


…but unfortunately not for this Saturday’s match due to there being no West Midlands Trains services due to their drivers strike.

For parking, Morrisons has always been good for me.

Great to hear fans are returning but it would be nice if those returning will stick with it though even if the form dips.

New regime, no excuse not to. Deserve some backing.


I too am returning!


To be honest, I"m pleased that fans are returning but a little miffed they are announcing it on here. Come by all means but I won"t be congratulating you on gracing us with your presence just because it seems the club have turned a massive corner.

A lot of us have stuck with the club through thick and thin (mostly thin) over the past few years and even donated season ticket money to see the club through covid or paid to watch dreadful performances on I-follow.

I don’t begrudge keeping your seat warm but don’t slink away again if we don’t sustain this current form.


Small incremental steps of course but I would imagine that Trivela have worked out that if we want to be more than 10th in League One we will need to be filling the ground. Which means getting our largest average attendance since the late 60s.

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Welcome to anyone who’s coming back, I’ll always welcome fellow Saddlers back given there are few of us living in the shadow of Villa, Wolves etc. It has been a few years with little highlight but let’s hope were turning the ship around! There will be blips, poor form etc but hopefully the overriding form will be in the right direction UTS


You’ve heard it here first returning supporters. Don’t bother posting here as it offends the long suffering.
What you fail to grasp or even enquire is the reason why some are returning.
It’s not always to glory hunt. Alot of returning supporters will have “suffered” as you have previously, but have “slunk” away for different reasons (in my case for family and financial reasons)
The love never dies, only the desire to rekindle that romance becomes stronger when the pull is strong enough!


Everyone is welcome whether just returning or not.The more we get the better it will be from now on. Those of us who stuck by the Club over the past few years will probably feel the elation more when we do achieve something which I think will be very soon. UTS


Well I certainly won’t be slinking back any time soon. Maybe next year… :crazy_face:

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Good for you that the upturn in your financial situation coincides with an upturn in the clubs form on the pitch.

I hope you and yours enjoy the match on Saturday.


@Thanatos does a kumbaya rideshare in conjunction with Enough is Enough, but on his flat-earth map it involves a detour via Norway, and variously Manchester or Schiphol depending on his Brexit loonometer.

Welcome back by the way. :+1:

I drive from Tamworth so could come through Sutton Coldfield if you needed a lift. might struggle for the return journey cause tend to stay for a while after. This offer extends to anyone else who’s this way too for most Saturday games

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