Richard O’Kelly

Seemed in a permanent sulk to me. No idea what his problem was, but the last thing we need is his face like a spanked backside spreading negativity.


It would be good to know who made this decision. Omlette or Trivela? because it’s a good one in my opinion.

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As Red Prince says, it can’t have been Trivela because they wouldn’t have the foggiest who ROK is.


Not so sure on that one. He left Villa of his own accord in 2021, and didn’t go with Smith to Norwich.

I would say that he is more likely to want a coaching role with us so as not having to relocate. If he was going to return rapidly to Smith’s set up, surely he’d have appeared in Leicester’s dugout last weekend?

Mat Sadler talking about O’Kelly’s appointment

I’d lump on Sadler getting the job FT, certainly talks a good talk.

I think you could be right but it is clear from that interview that there has been some dissension in the camp over the past few weeks. His emphasis on bringing everyone together for the last 3 games speaks volumes to me. I posted after the Wimbledon game that I noticed for the first time that some of the players were getting frustrated with what thy were being asked to do…that feeling clearly grew especially in the away games since. I think the absence of Daniels on the pitch has not helped but clearly things have gone much deeper than that.


Im not getting on the train yet… actually, im not even at the station. In truth, im still in bed scratching my arse!

The board have shown themselves to be beyond incompetent in nearly all facets of running a business and a football club.

Not holding my breath.


Will be good to have a dispassionate eye looking at things and perhaps having input on released and retained staff.

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Can’t have been Pomlett or Gamble, they are useless. Must have been Bonser :wink:


Good appointment in some respects, not in others.

Good in terms of his experience, his knowledge of the club, his recent involvement in out most successful period of the last 15 years.

Bad in terms of showing how knee-jerk this reaction has been, both sacking Flynn and appointing ROK. We clearly had no plan to sack Flynn, nor appoint ROK, now we have and how long for? We’ve just picked up the phone to someone who has a long association with the club, begging for help. It doesn’t inspire me with any confidence that the club are thinking beyond next week.


I feel more positive already.


Good news

Hopefully shackles released tomorrow and we can actually ATTACK!


But he walked away from Deano when he was still at Villa and didn’t follow him to Norwich - and now Shakey is his go to wing man.

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I hope so he’d be a good fit

It’s time to get behind the team and the club. They didn’t really have any option but to sack Flynn - he’d lost the dressing room and couldn’t seem to stop the rot. Let’s try and move forward - if we stay away then we are really only cutting off our noses to spite our faces: less revenue means crappy players, means lack of success on the pitch. At the end of the day, a good manager only takes you so far- it’s the quality on the pitch that makes the real difference!!


Great news ROK being back , if Saddler and ROK were to win the last 3 games (big If ) would anyone like to have them permanently next season ?

When is Ned Kelly back as well :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Great to see ROK back

Cool, let’s just forget about why we’re a mediocre/poor Fourth Division team in the 1st place because we’ve brought in a decent assistant manager, on a temporary basis.

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