Rico Henry contract

Rico Henry our new Troy Deeney

This is potentially good news, if he can stay fit from now till January or even prove that he can get a full season in then this new contract will only bump up his value, im sure this is in the back of the minds of the Brentford bigwigs


Indeed it is. Worst case scenario is him running down his contract and leaving for nowt.
Still only a babbee, and as you say, if he can stay fit, then more chance of us getting s few quid.


With the ridiculous amounts of money being spent on transfer fees and still rising. He could potentially be worth 20million plus in a year or two.

Wonder if Bonser built in the sell on clauses into the sale? Wouldn’t put it past him.

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Will be a release clause in that deal for sure. He just needs to stay fit, get into form and would imagine a bottom half prem club will come calling in January.

How do you mean , direct into the pension fund :wink::+1:

Bournemouth paid 14m for Lloyd Kelly from Bristol City, so like you said, a good season in the Championship and he’ll easily be worth that.


What a ridiculous statement. If he factored potential earnings into the sale price and pomlett agreed, that’s a commercial agreement between the two men. If he included a clause to say that, if sell on clauses he negotiated come to fruition, then additional monies are due as part of the sale, again that’s a commercial agreement. Somehow you seem to be suggesting that he’ll be having these monies paid directly to him and pomlett doesn’t have a say?

A sale price is often based on future incomes and so it wouldn’t be too far fetched to include potential sell on clauses in some way but it would be up to pomlett to decide whether he agreed with those amounts and, if he didn’t, he could walk away from the deal. He didn’t, which suggests he is happy with the price he paid and the terms he agreed.

Yep. It would be part of a schedule of contingent assets that any seller would seek to present in the most favourable light and any buyer would then seek to make his own (typically much lower) valuation as part of any negotiation process.

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Well any sell on will benefit Walsall FC. The idea that JB or LP benefit personally from these sort od deals in nonsense. One other point I think this deal includes payments to the club based on number of appearances…if I recall correctly these are paid after every 50 games so we cannot lose on this. If he continues to play well and racks up appearances we benefit and if in doing that Brentford sell at a profit we gain from the sell on.

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What a pompous and high handed response!
I was suggesting exactly what you have explained, that something around sell ons for players sold under his tenure, would be included in the deal.

He seems to be saying just the opposite i.e.that Pomlett agreed to it., not that it was somehow hidden in the small print. The whole concept is perfectly plausible . I thought Belphegor was suggesting astute dealing on Bonser’s part, not something underhand, (not in this case anyway.)

I was suggesting exactly that, one of the reasons being that if we do get a windfall from a Rico sale, it may not all go the current set up.