Rico Money

Just something I thought worth posting, by my calculations we should have recently received our final £500k from app related clauses, taking the total earned to £4million, and probably close to £2million in the last 2 years (promotion, plus 100 and 150 apps).

Just sayin’

Makes you wonder where all the money goes as in theory from what we have been told in the past the big sign pays the rent

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Maybe the question could be asked at the next fans forum…

Once Southgate gets sacked we should be in for some more with international app


It’s why I always laughed when fans were hoping for a Deeney windfall or sell ons from any player.

As if we’ll see the benefit of any of it. Probably announce investment into the training ground or another gym refurbishment.

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Arrrrh , but don’t forget Covid as well … :wink:


Is this a definite that we were due another 500k after a number of appearances recently?


This was my understanding of the transfer

1.5m up front
500k per 50 apps up to 150 apps
1m upon promotion
1m upon an international app
20% sell on

Of course I could be wrong, hopefully someone else can validate that?

It has never been verified anywhere, so other than the initial £1.5m “potenitally rising to £5m” all the add ons for what equates to that additional £3.5m are pure speculation. We don’t even know what we got for their promotion, other than we got something.

We’ve spent it all on our new striker force, is that not obvious?

The envy of the 4th Division!
Simply amazes me how ‘well’ (we are told) we have played in so many matches recently, yet still contrive to lose, again and again, is it something about being unable to score Tone?

Rico Money - did Dickie Dosh have a love child ? The things you learn on UTS


Rickie Dosh.

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