RIP Alf Wood

Our former striker Alf Wood has passed away aged 74.RIP
Condolences to his family.


R.I.P Alf

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RIP Alf.

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RIP Alf and condolences to your family.

Another with dementia. RIP Alf.

We think my dad has it ? why is it so common now but you never heard of it in the 70’s 80’s?

I don’t know mate. I suppose back then people were said to be a bit senile, or going ga-ga, rather than having an actual medical term applied. Also people do live longer now, my mom had it but lived to be 90, a generation or two earlier and she’d have gone much earlier perhaps, maybe before the symptoms manifested themselves, certainly before they became very bad.

Sympathies over your dad, I hope he doesn’t have it.


Cheers buddy :wink:

Alf was over the hill when he joined us in 1977 but he was very successful with his previous clubs and also scored two goals for Stafford at Wembley when they won the FA Trophy, after leaving us. RIP to a man who had an excellent football career.

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RIP Alf. Remember him scoring the only goal when we beat Dagenham in the FA Cup first round. Away support was boosted by a train load of Newcastle fans who were due to play one of our local rivals, Baggies perhaps, but their game was called off and so they ended up at Fellows Park watching us struggle to beat a non-league team. They certainly weren’t cheering us on after a certain match a few seasons earlier.

I remember that game, and goal. A very healthy 5,500 crowd, as you say, boosted by some Geordies.

RIP Alf.

RIP Alf.