RIP Chris Nicholl

So,so sad. Such a fantastic man and a club legend too. Such a cruel illness. My mom has alzheimer’s and vascular dementia too. Terrible what it can do to your loved ones. RIP Chris. Thoughts with his family at this time :heart:


R.I.P Chris Nicholl and thanks for the memories. That night in bury will live with me forever.


RIP Chris.

A sad day.

RIP Chris

Really sad news :cry:
A total walsall legend and thoughts and prayers with his family.
RIP Chris and hopefully there will be a great tribute to him on Tuesday evening.

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Brilliant manager that restored hope after years of gloom. Incredible to think its almost 30 years ago. Been a shocking week or so for losing great people associated with Walsall FC.
Bury away in 95, a day etched into Walsall folklore, and the greatest 0-0 draw in the history of football.


Club should go all out and do something special for him on Tuesday in honour of a man who was loved by so many saddlers fans


That evening in Bury…wow what an evening :heart_eyes: RIP Gaffer :pray::heart:

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When I went on the pitch that day at Bury after we secured promotion :heart_eyes:

I’ll never forget it


Very sad news. By a fluke I met Chris on almost the first day he started. I wished him well and he asked me how long I had supported Walsall. I told him and asked me what we needed to make the Club successful again . I said a good CF would make a difference. He laughed as he walked away and said another 91clubs needed someone like that!
A good Manager and a great bloke. RIP Chris.


Gutted. What a top man & manager. Was only speaking to him at St Mary’s

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RIP Gaffer Always remember going to an away match in the 90s minbus picked us up at bescot door opens it was chris asking us all about the day and thanks for going to support the team what a man true legend rest in peace chris thanks for all the good times you gave us


RIP Chris, great Manager for us.

He turned Lightbourne into a great CF. Hibbitt who had him running down the wing the previous season. Nothing against Hibbitt, the transformation in Lightbourne was huge though. When you look at Lightbourne’s record from when Nicholl took over to when he was sold, we haven’t had all that many better.


RIP Chris , true gent and legend,Thanks for the memories, condolences to his family :disappointed_relieved:

He did. He became the player we needed . I nearly added that to my post. What a Manager !

One of our finest managers with a win ratio of 45%. A very sad day indeed. Rest in peace super Chris Nicholl.

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I met him then as well. The manager of the club I played for got to know him, and he presented our trophies one year.

The quality of his football is often forgotten, particularly in that second season. Another whose ambition was not met by Bonser’s.


RIP Chris Nicholl. A true football and Walsall legend.