RIP Wayne Williams

Sad to hear the news that our former full back Wayne Williams has died at the age of only 56. Thoughts with his family at this time. We had a poor team when he played full back for us but he was popular with the fans and always gave 100%

Really sad to hear that. Met him a few times in my local as he lived not far away. Always friendly and spoke fondly of his time with us and of our fans.

RIP Wayne

Was a regular for about a season and a half, then didn’t play much. Not sure if he got injured, can’t remember.

Sad news he was a decent right back in Kenny Hibbitts days. I remember him getting the winner at York City in the early 90’s. R.I.P

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Jeez, sad news indeed. Plenty of us on here round that age. Mek the most of your time left as you never know :confused:

Yes me to was at that game

Yeah me and my Dad were at that one too. Great away day.

Very sad news. RIP

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Very sad indeed.

Remember going to York around Valentine’s Day in 1993. We won 1-0. The goal was a poacher’s type affair after Charlie Ntmark (I think) had a shot deflected. The scorer Wayne Williams. We then defended for our lives. They absolutely battered us after we scored but a mixture of luck, good goalkeeping and fearless defending most notably by Wayne Williams meant that we held on.

Rest In Peace Wayne.

1 Like Here is Waynes goal at york god just like yesterday how has it been that long


Gosh. What a great following.

I remember it so well. I’d planned it for about four months. “Shall we go away for Valentine’s weekend?”. My girlfriend of the time agreed and thought York was a splendid idea for our first weekend away together.

On the train journey she asked “when are you thinking of telling me?”. She had of course clocked the ulterior motive to the weekend and was absolutely cool with it. She’s had 27 subsequent years of planning around Walsall games.

So I’ve always remembered that game, Wayne Williams and his goal very clearly and very fondly.


I remember him as a decent player.Very sad to hear the news.RIP Wayne

Very sad news. RIP Wayne.

Very sad news.


Decent player in a poor side.
RIP Wayne.

Very sad news. Also remember the York game like it was yesterday. I think he also scored against us in the Shrewsbury cup-tie in the 83/84 run.

Very sad to hear.

Highlights of the reverse (home) fixture are here:

It looks like Wayne Williams makes a forward run, then checks back, in the build up to our equaliser.
Also featuring Rod McDonald having a go at Mike Cecere for losing the runner for the opener, Scott Ollerenshaw with the equaliser, and Marshy scoring with a header!


Dean Kiely is a blast from the past, he seemed to play against us loads, York, Bury, Charlton.

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What a shame. So young.

Solid full back.

Hope this is OK. Wayne was very friendly with the landlords of our local pub in Shrewsbury and they are raising money for pancreatic cancer in his memory.

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Really sad - good solid full back as people have said - enjoyed a lot of the hibbitt era