Risky Express and Star Headline!

I must admit that I did a double take when I read the headline this morning!

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In what way is it risky? An honest assessment is what i would say.

this part “as sole”" can be read for bottom hole!

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If I were editor of the Excuse and Dingle I’d be worried that they spelt LP’s name wrong in a headline!
Lazy, careless journalism.


A “newspaper” otherwise known as the excrete and shite living up to its name

Pomplett is only a short step in the phone book from Pompidou, which would have been even better.

Pomp or pompous?


“…we came out of Covid probably better than any other club. We did very, very well.”

Is there any truth in this claim? I’m not able to understand balance sheets or anything remotely financial, but there must be some on here who can and who would be able to say whether we coped better than probably any other club.
I know Pomplett likes to tell us how well we coped with Covid*, but do his claims stand up to scrutiny?

*And assuming we did cope well with Covid, and probably better than “any other club”, wasn’t that due in large part to many of us letting the club keep our Season Ticket money?

I’m interested in knowing, but have no idea how to work it out for myself.

We were up an absolute financial creek which we were hoping to scrape through thanks to supporters leaving their money in (plus I think we triggered one of those covid loans). Then out of the blue in a matter of months we got fees for Ade, Jules and DC, followed by Brentford getting promoted and triggering the Henry windfall. We didn’t spend any of the money on the playing side or even replacing the manager, which tells us all we need to know.


So, it was many of us leaving our money with the club, plus a few sales and add-ons that saw us through, rather than superb, innovative financial management by Pomplett, is that the crux of it?

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In my opinion i don’t think the club went far enough in recognising and rewarding the fans that left their season ticket money in the club.
I think in the future, if the club are able to, they should give them their money back in stages of say knocking a third off the price of their next 3 season tickets.

Let’s not forget it wasn’t just the one season, fans left their money in. When Covid first started and the season was finished early. Then the fans shelled out again and didn’t see a ball kicked live all season. I left my money in the first time but didn’t renew because money was tight and I wasn’t convinced fans would be allowed back. I planned on getting a half season ticket if fans were allowed back. As it turned out they weren’t.

It was a fantastic effort from those that left the money in when you think of the difficulties everyone was facing at the time. People losing their jobs and businesses, virtually no one had any certainty about their future. I think it shows just how much Walsall means to those who follow the club. There was also the fundraiser that Rob started, plus fans giving their time to go and do jobs around the ground. I mean they did a few things to recognise this but it does feel a bit like it is all long forgotten now.

Also didn’t Pomlett say at one point we hadn’t taken out any of the Covid loans or grants and then not so long back the books showed 500k had been borrowed? I’m not trying to get myself in bother here, I may have genuinely misunderstood.