Rochdale (A) 25th Aug, 3pm


If he is anything like Graydon he will :wink:


2nd yellow (handball)


5 points clear of 7th place so with Peterboro,Sunderland & Pompey fighting for the top 2 places we’re looking good for the play-offs…:grinning:


There isn’t much to sort out in my view except those who are injured. We have team here who are giving everything…all of them. Keep it up lads. UTS


Unless I’m mistaken, aren’t bans competition specific this season?


Good things happen when we have a Dobson as captain.

Just sayin…


■■■■■■■ love this team, who cares if we let goals in, we’re winning and scoring goals
Chill out people!!


Bloody brilliant start to the season and already 5 points clear of 7th place. It sounds as if it was not one of our better performances but we still came through it to claim the points. It’s hard to be negative about anything at the moment.

Let’s hope for a 5,000 gate next Saturday.


It’s always a good sign to play not too well and still win. This team certainly has a Graydonesque feel to it.


I also ■■■■■■■ love this team ,always have and always will.
Actually i do care that we are making a habit of letting in late goals because one day it will come back to bite us when we might need a clean sheet.

Chill !


Great win. Not at our best but 3 points away is always welcome.

13 points from the first 5 games mirrors our start to the 15/16 play-off season. We then were a couple of points clear at the top as I remember, and went on to unexpectedly lose our sixth game at home to Bury (0-1).

Trying not to get carried away but it’s getting more difficult by the game.


All through this game I’ve been thinking of how much I’m reminded of the Graydon team.

Its way too early to think that will happen again but the similarities are definitely there.




Excellent result. At least Ismail’s ban will only be one game. My bet also came in for a Walsall win and BTTS.


Just got back in.
We have our Walsall back!!!
The determination of this team is extraordinary, the last 10 minutes it was utterly one way traffic but we got bodies in the way and constantly tried to clear the danger, a Whitney team would have lost this match 3 or 4 -0! pity about the goal they did get, in off the fellas knee into an open net.
The grit on our lads faces when they came over to us fans was sensational! They were obviously as pleased as we were.
We have our Walsall back!


Another fantastic day out.

We started slow but grew into the first half. Ginnelly’s finish was very calm.

We were better in the second half and thoroughly deserved to double our lead. A lovely goal from Ismail.

But then it all started to go a bit wrong. Ismail’s second booking was a stick on. Whilst we revel in the new harder, tougher, meaner, ■■■■■■■ Walsall, it was probably only a matter of time before a silly yellow for goading or time wasting would cost us.

But the way we dug in after that was inspirational. Real bodies on the line stuff with us breaking away a couple of times. Would have been so much easier on the ticker if one of those breakaways had led to a third. The six minutes on the fourth officials board wasn’t what we needed to see at that point.

My MoTM would be Dobson. Talk about covering every blade. The back five were also huge.

Good noisy away following.

Loved it all


Why does he need to chill? He’s saying there’s nothing to worry about lol


Someone on the Rochdale forum said “Walsall were rubbish” and suggested we’ll drop like a stone down the league. It may or may not happen, but the fact we are getting ‘under the skin’ of our opponents is really promising. There has been a number of rubbish teams like Rochdale that’s done similar to us over the years!!


Just read this and thought about the likes of Rochdale and other similar teams making a push for the playoffs. I’m just enjoying it while it’s here and as others have alluded to, there is always one team that makes a push that nobody expected. Why can’t it be us?


Think that winning away from home even when not at your best is a sign of a team that will do well. It reminded me of some of the games away from home under Graydon.
My first view of Ferrier, who has real pace & determination, and Cook, who won nearly every ball hit towards him in the air. It was a pity that he did not stick away his chance at the end. They will be a real handful for a lot of League 1 defences.
I thought that the defence played well and as already mentioned everyone seemed willing to throw everything at the ball. There seemed to be a real sense of grit and determination about the side.
Already looking forward to my next game at Barnsley!