Rochdale (A) 25th Aug, 3pm


The great thing about all of this is if we do “drop like a stone” this start has been so good we should be nowhere near where I expected us to be even then, before the start of the season.

So fans that use that as a wind up are really just reminding me that we are doing ■■■■■■■ brilliantly at the minute.


Just back , strange game really and at no point did I not believe we would win the game.

We look dangerous on every single attack which I haven’t seen in a Walsall team for a long time … even taking the 15/16 side into account. But I’ll wind it in as I don’t want to get to carried away.

Defence was excellent , Fitz in particular.



On radio Newcastle someone used the “it’s their FA Cup Final” to excuse why Sunderland struggled against Wimbledon. Fans always clutch at straws when they fail to aniahlate the opposition. Anyway, last Tuesday was Wimbledon’ s cup final .
My cup is now 3/4 full after this start to the season.


Just saw the goals on Sky Sports. Great quick thinking from Ginnelly for the first and excellent feet from Ismail for the second. Cook was also very unlucky with his effort late in the second half.


Not the best performance. Sat too deep first half and let them dictate the game. There is something about this team though. Some never say die attitude.

Cracking goals. Pity we couldn’t keep a clean sheet.

Superb backing by us fans. Barely stopped singing all game.



Yes, I agree. You can’t expect to go away from home and play silky, flowing football and win every game easily. You have to battle and that is what we are doing. I don’t think we will sink like a stone because we have too much quality in the side. Players like Dobson, Ismail and Ferrier would get into most sides in League 1. We also have a strong spine which is important. If Deano can add a good Centre-half as cover for Guthrie and Fitzwater and perhaps a utility player then we will definitely finish nearer the top than the bottom.


Sky for exiles without VPN.


A battling display today. We really need to keep a clean sheet soon because I can’t take it anymore :joy:. Some mixed performances but who cares!

We’re the masters of bastardry and I love it.


Looking at the highlights it looks like we were lucky to win today, wasn’t there so can’t comment
Anyone who went was this the case?


Maybe. Don’t really care though. We won, defended well. We don’t always have to play well to win.

Great day though. I thought Zeli’s red was harsh. The first yellow was him kicking the ball two yards in the air, not away and no time was wasted, it was just a card happy ref.

Hoping for another two wins in the next week and things will be looking good going into the international break.


Nah I don’t think we were lucky.


Pleased with a win. At this rate we’ll be safe by Christmas, and we can all relax!


We weren’t lucky - bodies on the line, blocking everything, giving everything - Rochdale had lots of the ball but didn’t do enough to score a second. The only time they came close was the one that got blasted over the bar from close range. We could easily have scored another couple ourselves.

I know we keep having to say “it’s early days” but this is so fantastic and, dare I say, Graydonesque in the way we’re winning these games and opposing fans are saying “how the hell did we lose that?” We seem to have so much discipline - you can see how much work is going on on the training pitch.

I hope Keates dishes out a Graydonesque punishment to Ismail though - his first yellow in particular was so stupid. (If George Dobson is the new Dean Keates then perhaps Zeli Ismail is the new Jason Brissett?)


We weren’t lucky we fought for our win
Support great and why can’t we enjoy winning and not worry about what might be
Come on WALSALL you are doin great UTS


I agree. Would be like us referring to Rochdale as a potential banana skin :wink:


Good result yesterday. Rochdale had a lot more of the ball than I expected but we were away so we’re not going to have Scunthorpe away-like performances every other week, and with that said, Rochdale still didn’t really create much.

Yes we sat deep but everyone knows their jobs and will do whatever it takes to keep the ball out of the net (until we have a 2+ goal margin anyway!) and there’s a real hunger by everyone in that side.

My MOTM would probably be Guthrie or Fitzwater. Thought they were great at the back and headed everything away that came at them.


Ginelly’s OK :grinning:
from his twitter account:

Gino ‏ @JoshGinnelly7 Replying to @TheWalsallSwift

Just over stretched my groin mate should be fine thank you👍🏽

11:16 am - 26 Aug 2018


Is Ismail banned for Macc or Blackpool?