Rochdale (A) 25th Aug, 3pm


Zeli’s first yellow. Ridiculous :joy:


A different kind of win not the flowing football of late but a gritty dig in game and sometimes hanging on but this team do not want to lose and put bodies on line well deserved win.
Fan support today fantastic although some of the language would have been too much for delicate ears.
Loved the way the players came and celebrated with us fans at the end after Whitney came between us last season we are now united again.We have our Walsall back.


Having rewatched the entire clip he clearly pulls their player back before flicking the ball in the air and is rightly carded. The handball is a joke though


Not got a problem with either booking as long as refs are going to be consistent. I would like to see the first yellow card situation being applied to away teams at the banks.


Your right it’s all about consistency , the Rochdale players got away with a number of fouls. Yet he didn’t think twice about showing a red card .


It looks to me as though the ref was already reaching for the yellow card before he flicked it up in the air.


He was. Watching the full highlights Ismail pulls their player back. It’s a yellow 100%.


The female lino obviously has a are condition where she can’t see pulls, pushes or climbing :roll_eyes:




Can of worms here


I don’t see one?


You’re all banned.


I think you mean assistant referee, intolerable to all true snowflakes (me included).


She was ginger too. How on earth did she get a game at our level!!

(Disclaimer - I thought she did alright)


Should I admit to laughing at the “sun cream” chant towards her?

Did alright??? Every time she had to make a decision she hid.


No, that was funny :joy: … The “Ginger slag” though made me cringe.

She got most decisions right for me so no problems with her performance.