Rochdale tickets


I’m assuming that we will be able to pay on the gate for this one?


Yeah you can every other season. Price goes up a couple of quid i think.


Hope so. Trying to persuade the misses to drop bank holiday weekend plans for it so it’ll be very much last minute for me!


You can buy on the day but you can’t have a ticket re-issued as they don’t provide that service apparently.


Its going to be last minute for me to but great that the option will be there! Northern Rail look like they have strike action on Saturday but I can see trains running from Victoria to Rochdale.


Okay I’m going now. Does anyone know where to park?


Northern Rail strike action? Now THAT IS unbelievable…NOT!
May as well get used to the North of England doing without trains at all quite soon.
Pay at the gate, and, get great service and welcome in the club house before the game, plus a win, what a great afternoon we will all have, (those going by road that is).


Local side roads to the south of the ground, quite safe and plentiful. (unlike Palfrey/Caldmore), also plenty of fund raising mini car parks-a-plenty in church grounds etc.


Cheers mate.


There’s two or three trains an hour still running Victoria to Rochdale, or there’s the tram that takes 45 mins, but does have the advantage of dropping you in the town centre right next to a decent Wetherspoons and about 20 minutes walk nearer the ground than the train station, its miles out. I once came out of Boundary Park (5-3 defeat under Merson) and went the wrong way, started following signs for a railway station and ended up at Rochdale!


Is there a beer bus for Walsall fans


Sorry for yet another trip down memory lane, but does anyone remember the year quite a few hundred late-comers entered Spotland via a “jerry-built” exit gate?
Found this video from that very year! Eeeeh them were the days.

I’m sure the program that year, had the attendance for Rochdale away as 2,500 with (Est) next to it due to that incident.


I can’t remember what year it was other than it was probably late 70s, or the score (think it may have been a draw), but I do remember my very first visit to Spotland for the very strange reason that at half time both sets of fans changed ends!

Used to be terracing (with cowshed covering) behind both goals. Our turnstiles went in to what is now the main home end, they were down the other, and the teams kicked towards their own fans in the first half. No barriers segregating us from the side stands, and a large number of their lot just walked along the front of where we will be sitting tomorrow right down to where we were - and then most of our fans went the opposite way. Not everyone moved so it ended up mixed in both ends for the 2nd half but there wasn’t one iota of trouble (very unusual for those times).

It’s something I’ve never seen happen anywhere since but appeared to be a regular thing to them - though the next time I went there (sometime in the 80s or 90s) we were confined to just the one end. The thing I remember about that 2nd visit is that there was a hut at the top of the terrace selling pie & mushy peas with gravy which was so popular with our fans that they ran out before I got served!

Oh and the pub that was next to the ground had a bowling green out the back and fans of both sides were playing nicely with each other.

Must be something in the water up there. :rofl:


I remember Bury being the same in the 70’s with everyone changing ends at half time. Must be a naaaarrrrthan thing.


Not as romantic, or probably not as well paid, being a footballer in them days was it?
Reminds us so much of Fellows Park with the missing bits of roof etc, an absolute hole, but we loved in nevertheless.


I have managed to talk the girls into it, so that’s me +3! I will assume it’s pay on the gate.


Was there in January 71 when they knocked out Coventry in the FA Cup 3rd Rd. It was a rearranged game after an earlier postponement, but played on a Monday afternoon due to the 3 Day Week and ban on floodlights. I assume I had no University lectures? More than 13,000 there . Always had a soft spot for them since that day ( though obviously not tomorrow!)


After deciding that I couldn’t go because I can’t manage to drive a 6hr round trip, I have taken the plunge and booked a train ticket.
If I make it on time it will be a miracle!
I have a 20 minute walk to my local station to catch the 9:10 to Peterborough courtesy of Great Northern.
At Peterborough I get the 9:48 LNER train to York which arrives at 10:51.
Next is the Transpennine express at 11:24 from York to Manchester Victoria arriving at 12:39.
The 12:56 from Manchester Victoria gets me to Rochdale at 13:10 provided it isn’t cancelled due to the Northern Rail drivers strike. If it is cancelled I have to take the No4 tram to Bury at 13:10 which arrives at 13:33. There’s a number 468 bus leaving Bury at 13:44 which drops me off at the ground at 14:12.
My missus thinks I’m raving mad :roll_eyes:
…and it’s only costing me £54.90 return :joy:


And here’s me looking on Google maps for decent, safe on street parking :joy:


Saddla, the 12.56 from victoria is running according to the revised timetable

But you can now also get a tram direct to Rochdale town centre from Victoria, albeit takes 45 mins, so no need to go to Bury.