Romaine Sawyers 1

Just watching WBA v Stoke , Sawyers is different class absolutely superb .
Really does make all the so called experts on here who slagged him off when we were fortunate enough to have him look completely ridiculous , anyone with even a tiny amount of football knowledge could see his quality .
For a player who was constantly accused of being lazy he has just completely dominated the game .I know we have more than enough problems at the moment but after witnessing our ineptitude so far this season it was just great to watch someone who can actually play this game .


One of my favorite players, i always praised him up on twitter and he always thanked me :clap:

You mean sawyers

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I can say with mossive smugness that I was one on here that recognised what a fantastic player he was, and what a fantastic manager Smith was.



OH ■■■■ i thought he was talking about Leo :see_no_evil::joy:

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Typo sorry

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Anyone who slated Sawyers is an idiot.

Sawyers is the definition of class.


I guess that means anyone at WBA circa 2013 was an idiot, as it was them that thought he wasn’t good enough following 5 years at their club hence he was released on a free, a decision that cost them £3 million when they re-signed him.


If only they had our foresight :thinking::grin:

Well, yes.

huge problem with Sawyers is its took him 28 years to realise his talent.

Wow yeah he is 28 already. He’s like a brummy Pirlo.

I know I was shocked , I just hope that doesn’t rob him of a chance to play at the top level.

Doesn’t mean he wasn’t great for us and Brentford though albeit he is peaking now.

No he was fantastic for us, my point is he’s got even better.

A few years younger and he would be worth some serious money.

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He hit his peak for us when the team was on the front foot, in our almost season. Was a joy to watch. Never hid from the ball either, even if he was having a bad game.

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I believe that if Greslish had gone to Spurs In the summer , Romaine would almost certainly be at the Villa now .

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What I noticed about him when watching him play for the bagladies is that he plays a lot deeper than he did for us and also he’s very vocal instructing his team mates to move into different areas, to think he was jeered and booed by a decent few of our fans when he was here,


What a player and what a team he was part of here. Real shame we never got promoted and cemented themselves as legends here

I always say the same thing when it comes to Romaine Sawyers in a Walsall shirt. Making things look effortless doesn’t mean there is a lack of effort. It’s a shame some couldn’t see that while he was here