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Romaine Sawyers


Hi guys,

Just seen on SSN, that Villa are tipped to sign Sawyers in January.

Do we have any sell on clause etc? Not that it will make a difference anyway…:roll_eyes:


Think he went on a free at the end of his contract, so no sell on :frowning:


Pretty sure WFHYS have the lowdown on this sort of impossible stuff…


No but if Henry moves then we will probably have one.


Can only see this happening if Grealish is sold. Can’t see room for both in one team.


You are correct.


I think we’d be worse off with the sell on clause (Henry transfer) as we won’t have activated the appearence payments.


Not sure what the triggers are but today is his 26th appearance for them.


Enough to refurbish the toilets then!


Sawyers and Henry both started for Brentford at St. Andrews today - Sawyers booked in the first half.


Appearence triggers are at 25, 50 and 100 I believe… I seem to remember each been worth 500k?




He’ll never mek it.



Not good enough for the Championship.


One big regret now would be not selling Etheridge to Cardiff six months earlier.

Saved another penalty today and generally played very well for them so you’re talking 15-20m if they sold him I’d suspect.


Another miscreant that the rent-a-gob collective regarded as, if I recall the term correctly: ‘tat’.


Basically half our fans have spent so long watching donkeys looking like they’re trying but with no ability, that when a genuine gem of a player turns up they couldn’t recognise his obvious talent.

Never hid from the ball either, even when he was playing badly. Had more about him than plenty of players who go missing when things don’t go their way.

The lazy tag was rubbish too. Just had a languid style about him, but actually covered plenty of ground. Best thing for any player like him is to leave a club like ours as soon as possible.


Sawyers did come across as not that bothered on occasions, in fact his nickname at the club was “bothered”, as in “can’t be”. Yes, he did well for us but he disappeared in our most important games: the St J cup final at Wembley and the two play-off games vs Barnsley. I can’t see why Villa would want both him and Grealish.


To be fair mate, I cant remember any of our players turning up in those games. He plays deeper now alot of the time for Brentford anyway, wouldn’t occupy Grealish’s role. Good luck to him.