Rory Curtis

Don’t remember him, especially not signing pro, but some insights into what was going on at the time within the club.

Interesting that Man Utd were seemingly placing youth players with us?

Yes, from around 2003 ish we had a link up with MUFC, Stuart Watkiss dad was MUFC scout for the area and had about 5 or 6 players in every age group, Man Utd coaches often attended Walsall to coach younger age groups and give talks on nutrition etc, also our lads traveled to Carrington to play there youngsters.

Wasn’t there and possibly still is, a restriction for clubs being able to sign up young kids within a certain radius of their club?
The link up with Manure was supposedly to help them to have a wider catchment area, whereby the kid signed for us and if they proved good enough in their development, they would then move on to them.
Our reward/punishment for this was being loaned Mads Timm.

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