Rory Holden

Rory suffered a setback and required another procedure on his knee meaning he will not be available for selection this season. Sad for him and and the team🥲


Terrible news

I think we need to cut our losses on Holden - it’s sad but we can’t afford to carry passengers.


Awful news. Hope he can come back from this.
Many a career has ended by a recurring injury at any age
Hope the club fully support him even after his contract ends

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Isn’t his contract up at the end of the season anyway?

Feel bad for the lad, and for us, it means we’re stuck with Osadebe :sob:


Sad news indeed.
Feel sorry for the lad.

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Fingers crossed this op will do the trick, although it isn’t sounding good. Hopefully though…:crossed_fingers:

He must be gutted, as are we.


Awful news.

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I’m absolutely gutted for Rory, he’d worked so hard during his rehab to get back on the pitch only for this to happen.
I know everyone of us fully supports his speedy recovery, let’s hope the club will do the same.

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Sad news. Hope he doesn’t become another Cuvellier, who was a pale shadow of his old self when he finally got fit after years of injury.

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Really doesn’t sound good with this repeated re-occurrences of the knee injury - hope he can come back at some point.

Sure he has another year left.

Always tried to be positive that we would see him in a Walsall shirt again but sadly those hopes are fading fast.

Sad to hear this.

Easily our best player on form.

I did tell everyone didn’t I!
Sad indeed, don’t think we will ever see him in a Walsall shirt again, and think he may have to chose a new career.

What’s he like as a DOF? Asking for a friend…


I thought you were saying he was going to announce his retirement from football? He might still do that if things don’t improve, but at the moment he’s only writing off the rest of this season. He is still only 24 so he does have time to make a career if he ever does kick a ball again …

Not 100% sure but don’t the club have some sort of insurance against long term injuries to cover player wages (and possible resale value) in cases like this? If so, then him still being on the books wouldn’t be a block to funding an extra player in the squad (I know, I know).

Agree with what you say in the first para Andy but feel this latest set back is a shattering problem for a pro footballer, how can anyone believe they can come back to that profession after all these continuous setbacks. So sorry for the lad, the club may have to accept some responsibility for miss- diagnosis in the first place.