Rose or Roberts?

Should we try to keep one or both or neither?

The defence appear more confident with Rose behind them. His distribution is better and he is great on crosses. However, he rarely makes great saves. He won’t cost us points but he won’t win us games.

Roberts can be a match winner or at least point winner. His performances win him MoM, but he has also cost us points, notably Bradford, Crawley and Newport.

For me, Rose is a trusted #2, but Roberts has the greater potential.
If we keep Roberts then we need a young up and coming backup.
If we keep Rose, we need an experienced #1.


Rather drag Johnny Brain out of retirement


There’s a case for ditching both IMO.


Neither. We need a proper solid keeper.

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When’s Jimmy coming back?

Neither. Yet more players in our squad that do one thing well, and none of the other areas of their role. Roberts is a shot stopper with zero command of his area and at times just plain appears to have had his brain removed also with zero distribution skills. Rose is technically correct, but doesn’t have the shot stopping ability and also lacks command.

It’s a squad of one dimensional players. Scarr, good in the air and nothing else. Gordon, hard worker but nothing else. McDonald, flair moments but with zero in between them. Norman, nice delivery but poor defensively. White … no he’s just poor. Kinsella, nice ball winner but no physicality and no creativity. I could go on and on.

It’s a massive issue with this squad and the keepers are just another by product of it.


Greater potential? He’s had 4 seasons as the first choice keeper and only really regressed during that time. Although he isn’t old by keeper standards, there’s far too many holes in his game to ever become a solid, reliable and consistent keeper at this level or above.


Neither, start again with two new keepers.

If we can only get rid of one, I’d get rid of Roberts but Rose would only be our number 2 not first choice.


Surely Maik Taylor could tap into his contacts with Fulham, Birmingham City and especially Northern Ireland to find a young up and coming keeper. There always seems to be decent young keepers at Sheff Utd and Leeds too.

For instance, George Long always impressed me. Now 27 and only 8 appearances for Hull this season.

Everything comes down to budget but a strong spine wins promotions: Gaffer, GK, Centre Half, captain in midfield and striker.

We roll over and have our bellies tickled so if we are serious about a promotion push, we need to rattle the cage significantly this summer…


Completely agree. Before Vincent went we had a first team squad of around 24. And virtually to a player (maybe exclude Holden and Perry) you go “meh”. We need a core of five or six good players and then around another ten who are just very very competent seven out of ten types. If there are injuries or suspensions then we either do what Morecambe did yesterday and name less subs, we use kids or the loan market.

The goalkeeper is a case in point. Both are non league goalies. So we should be letting them both go and try to sign a third division ‘keeper to replace them. Our sub ‘keeper each week can be either a youngster or even Maik Taylor himself. It doesn’t really matter because the need for a sub keeper is what, a once a season thing? With ‘keepers you also get the emergency loan option so the risk of running with one developed and competent ‘keeper and either a rookie or a coach is actually very minimal.

If money is an issue, and of course it always is, then starting with the ‘keeper I think what I’m saying is quality over quantity must be the order of the day. Unfortunately I think both keepers are contracted. Would love somebody to disabuse me of this notion.


I’m pretty sure they’re both out of contract :crossed_fingers:

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I’d be tempted to let them both go. Defo don’t keep both a solid league 2 keeper is vital and neither are top league 2 keepers x

I’m a big fan of having every position covered, but as you say there’s other ways to do that. You don’t need two substandard keepers, have exactly what the role “backup” describes. Would a youth keeper really be that big a drop off from one of Roberts/Rose? Surely worth the sacrifice of a decent division 4 keeper.

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I’d be happy to keep both if it meant spending more on a couple of centre forwards.

Our defence/goalies isn’t the problem. Scoring goals is.


Imo neither are good enough, Roberts career as go downhill fast and Rose ain’t good enough with what I’ve seen, use the two wages to get a class keeper at this level and put the youth team keeper on bench or use an outfield player when needed.

Judging by the quality of our goalkeepers since his time here, i think Maik should go as well :wink:


Well I’m pretty sure that there’s another GK coach that would love to be back at the Saddlers!

Out of interest, if Dutton left, would fans accept Fullerton as DofF with O’Connor and Walker (and possibly Sadler) as the new coaching team?

I think it’s within the club’s budget and would probably increase morale and season ticket sales.

I would be sceptical but would probably let my heart rule my head if that happened. As long as they don’t do a Keates, it could work…

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We’ve managed 9 clean sheets in 47 games …

We’re ■■■■ in every department.

Rose is the better keeper of the two in my opinion.
But I agree that we should be looking at other options longer term in the summer.

Sounds like an absolute car crash mate to be honest. No thank you.