Rushworth gets new Brighton Contract

I’d have thought that means at the very least they won’t be recalling to sell!


I think you are almost certainly right or someone’s actively showing interest and they’ve proactively increased his contract to favourably influence any transfer negotiation.

I hope not.

Don’t tell @el_nombre that, he’ll be walking around with a semi all night now…:grinning:

I did hesitate but, fairs fair.

I’ve still given him enough room to disagree with some of my post as well :blush:


You’re wrong.


Already rubbed one out? :crazy_face:

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If he progresses here for the remainder of the season I’d certainly be enquiring about a return on loan to us next season.

Will never happen. Not unless we get into L1.

Next season he will be L1, season after Champ, and then he will go back to challenge or be sold. There is no chance he plays in L2 next year IMO.


Totally agree. Can see him at a lower end championship team or a league 1 team looking to challenge personally.

Hopefully fake or a wind up?

Would be surprised if Brighton sold him as they appear to be signing young talents for the future since Potter became coach. Think they have changed their transfer policy since they brought a few expensive failures.