Russell Martin

Set to sign today.

If it comes off, that is a hell of a signing at this level.

Fair play to Keates for being patient with it as he was the player he’s been after all summer apparently.


Really hope this is true

I suggested Martin the day he left Norwich. He’d add exactly what we need although it’d be harsh to drop either Fitzwater or Guthrie. If Fitzwater is to be recalled in January like reports suggest then Martin will be an unbelievable replacement. His experience will be invaluable even if he’s playing or not.


Real declaration of intent by the club.


Reports that he’ll be signing as a player-coach. Just the experienced head we need at the back - played week in week out premier league football just a few years ago. Fair play to Keates for being patient - definitely paid off.

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Compared to Whitney being patient and pulling off Justin Shaibu :joy:


Since 2010 he’s played 4 seasons in the Premier League. Most recently in the 15-16 season where he made around 30 appearances. I obviously knew about him and had seen him play but I didn’t realise how much Premier League football he’d actually played! A real coup!


Fair play to Deano - patience it would seem is key. His experience will be invaluable to a very young squad. Very happy with this.

Sky Sports are on it.

Yes please!

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I remember that game!! I’m sure it was 3-3. I had over 2.5 goals and Martins goal won it for me just after half time (If i recall correctly)

Could you get a bigger contrast between DK and his predecessor? DK works out what he needs long term , and works patiently and quietly to get it. Whitney contradicted himself from one week to the next due to his short-termism.


I think part of that was due to the pressure and desperation. Doesn’t mean I agree with it, but I kind of understand.

This is certainly a departure from the assistant manager chasing links to streamed reserve games over Twitter…

Have we netted him?


He is certainly experienced and would add a lot to the squad however I don’t see him displacing our current CHs…indeed I wouldn’t want him too… Perhaps 3 at the back becomes viable as a Plan B and if Fitzwater goes back to Albion in January we won’t have to worry. UTS

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I’ll be livid la vida loca if we don’t sign Ricky Martin now.

Officially announced. What a signing. Exactly what we need, that bit of experience.

I wouldn’t be that disappointed if Fitzwater dropped out to be honest. A fine player but I haven’t been as impressed this season as I was last and he’s also made it pretty clear his long term future is at Baggies. and could be recalled as soon as January. Guthrie has been crying out for an experienced partner for some time.


What a signing :clap::clap:

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