Russell Martin?

Does anyone know why he is not in the squad at the moment? Is he injured?

I feel that Chambers and Russell Martin could really help the team, in the last 20 minutes of games in particular, when the younger players seem to go to pieces and panic.

I assume that Osbourne and Martin are being ‘managed’ over a busy Xmas period due to the thinness of the squad.

With a very tough game coming up against Charlton, I’d like to think that we will see their return.

Bolton is also massive: in terms of finances - and I fear that WFC may not consider the Addicks game as a priority, particularly given that Lyle Taylor loves playing against the Saddlers!

Good question on Martin. There’s normally one or two on here who know the ins and outs at the club.

Regarding Bolton, Keates should be all over it as some of the proceeds should enable squad strengthening should we get through, and we will know who we have in the next round before the window closes, which could be a massive bonus.

Was Martin on the bench on Saturday in his capacity as coach?

He wasn’t on the bench at all …

He did make an appearance at some point in the second half from the dugout whilst someone was having treatment

I sit right by the dugout. Martin was sat there most of the game shouting instructions at the defence


I still hope that he has a role to play on the pitch. He has not had the impact that I expected yet, after a promising start against Wimbledon…

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Yes one of the pitch sprinklers seems to need emptying every time it’s used …

Apparently, he’s great for morale though. When he shouts ‘House’ playing bingo on the team coach, the bus driver plays, “What a good place to be!” Mind you, I heard this from Wendy Mumford so “Don’t believe her…”

I’ll get me coat…


He’s crap. Rangers fans thought the same.

Yes he was. I was sat about 10 feet from him.

The question I answered was “Was Martin on the bench?” - in other words, was he named as one of the substitutes … and my reply was correct.

That was fairly obvious.

Hasn’t worked out with him as a player but he was signed as player-coach so still can be of use on matchday.

Was talking to a mate about this Saturday and we pondered whether we haven’t seen the best of Martin as when he is on the pitch he is having to coach the other defenders through the game which means his own level drops.

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Signed for the Franchise…

Wow. Words. Fail.


Absolutely words fail. And this raises some big questions about why he left. Apparently it was to spend more time with family and he’s now gone and got himself a 2.5 hour journey each way from his Brighton home. Something isn’t adding up. For sure he will be on more money at mk I would have thought?


Or did Keates man up to his mate and tell him how it really is? That he isn’t as good as we all thought he would be?? To save face on his side and for old friendships sake allowed him to use the “time with family” get out of jail card???


That knocks an hour off his commute then.

I said he was full of ■■■■ and I was correct.