Sacked straight after the game

Have we done that before? I can’t remember us sacking a manager so quickly after a match.

I mentioned in another thread that I wondered if JB had told Deano before the game/earlier in the week that this is the last chance coz it happened so quickly after the game etc…

In which case that is poor. If the huge number of defeats in the last 20 games wasn’t enough to convince him, one more shouldn’t have been. Just to reiterate, 7 points from the last 16 games!!

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Maybe the ‘players’ did not want to play for him. Knew he was a berk. Took too long for the penny to drop with so called management.

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He was lucky to last as long as he did tbf.

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I did actually think O’Driscoll but he left Sunday lunchtime after the Barnsley game.

We sacked Mullen after a game was postponed :grinning:

Carlisle if I recall. I was three quarters the way there when it was postponed. Had a nice afternoon in Southport instead.

I thought it was a home game?

You may well be right. It was during the Christmas / New Year period and I have to say that I was very, very drunk.

I absolutely hated the appointment of Mullen, but his sacking was farcical. My recollection was that we were mid-table, season was going nowhere, but we’d just had a run of really unlucky defeats, say about 4 in six games, all of which were odd goal last minute jobs. The crowds had started to dip, and of course that was due to the previous year’s Dann Fox fiasco and everything that followed. Typically the club blamed the economic climate (post "credit crunch etc) while Mullen was in post, but then as soon as they sacked him, blamed Mullen!!! I think Tinned is right it was the Brighton game that was postponed and he was sacked an hour after the pitch inspection, having made some dissenting noises about his transfer budget (or lack of it) in the pre-match press conference. The whole thing was a stitch-up, Mullen had promised Clayton Ince a new contract but didn’t have the money to make good his promise I think. Of course after his sacking the club then played the Hutchings/O’Connor card, two ex-players etc etc.

That was over 10 years ago! Makes you realise how long this pantomime has been going on when you look back. Ten friggin years, or if you’d rather nearly £5m in rent.

EDIT, I think that was also the season of fans getting banned by Wallett for stuff posted on here, and later for stuff said in the ground, including some OAP’s. That lead to the whole free-speach campaign etc.


Just had a quick look. We had a two week gap due to postponements. The first one was on 2nd Jan (the Carlisle away game) and then the following Saturday at home to Brighton, after which he was fired.