Saddlers Fan of the Month

Chris Jones

Anyone off here know him?? Looking resplendent in his Saddlers ‘hoodie’ supporting the quite superb scheme to increase footfall in the historic market town of Broseley.

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Don’t recognise him, but I do know that you’ll need to count his fingers to check whether he’s local to there or not. :joy:

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Don’t know him no, but recognise his face.

Agree, he isn’t Broseley born and brung up because he only has one head.


Was it a Broseley girl who asked as she was 14 and still a virgin was her brother gay.


5.000 inhabitants but only 3 surnames. :crazy_face:

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That’ll be a knock-off hoodie. The swift is flying down, not up. Probably the North Korean version.

They’re from ‘the old skool shop’ on eBay, much better quality than the tat the club churns out

Turns out Chris is a hugely popular member of the Saddlers community, well done Chris on your fan of the month award.

What prize does he get?

He’s wearing it.

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A free ticket to Sunday’s debrief.


Is second prize two tickets?


3rd prize is a Grouting course!


… and then a debrief to assess performance.

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