Saddlers Fixtures 23-24

Wrexham away August 15th

I think i would be up for a weekend there

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Welcome to management Matt that’s a stinker of an opening month.It’s a really hard start that is.


September isn’t much better! :confused:

Wrexham on a Tuesday is the only disappointment

Early relegation 6 pointer!

Need to be safe from the drop by end of March as April looks horrendous!

Harsh :joy:

Didn’t realise the season finished before May. Has that ever happened before?

Yes ours did last year in January


Could be a good day out at Wimbledon last day of the season. Think we’d take a lot there if something is riding on the game.

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Can’t do it on the train for a midweek match unless I leave before the end of the match, so sod it.

Nice start with morecambe away, probs take a fair few. Not a clue on the allocation

Very tough start. First game of the season is already a 6 pointer by the looks of it :eyes:

Selfishly, i live in Shrewsbury so its a perfect tuesday night game.

Barrow away Tuesday 28 November :scream:


A few random years when our final league match was in April - 1970, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1976, 2002, 2017, and I think our final game in 2020 would have been in April if events hadn’t colluded. My list isn’t definitive but it looks as though it happened more often in Days of Yore, but it still happens sometimes.

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Christmas fixtures look good TBF. Home to Crewe and Wrexham

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Didn’t realise it was a common occurrence in the 70s.

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