Saddlers Medley To Lighten The Mood

Came across this old video, think it got posted on the old UTS many years ago.

Quite funny after a few beers. " You can stick your Stanley’s restaurant up your arse- Sideways"

Drink your chosen beverage and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Up The Saddlers.


Haha he posted on here for a bit didn’t he? On the older version

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I think he may have yes mate.

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“There’s a circus in the town, in the town…….

I could go on with amended lyrics but I best not.

Stanley’s Restaurants - what’s the reference for that? Not old enough to understand I don’t think!

I’m not 100% sure cos I was only about 15 when they used to sing that but I think it was something to do with Bonser. I am sure someone will remember.

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It may have been when Bescot first opened, Sir Stanley Matthews open the ground and I have a recollection that the restaurant was named after him.
We could change the lyrics to the Bonser suite?


I thought it was something to do with the Bonser Suite but didn’t want to make myself look a prat !

I think there is quite a few things that could replace Stanley’s Restaurant in the song at this moment in time !

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It was a restaurant at the Bescot when the ground first opened


More like:

“You can stick your revised minutes up your arse!” :rofl: