Saddlers programmes

I am in the process of selling my house , so spent last Sunday trying to empty the loft.

I have quite a few Walsall programmes from early 70’s through to around 2000 if anyone is interested.
Home and away games.
I am guessing 150-200 of them ?

I don’t plan on taking them to my new house with me , so would rather they find a new home.

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My dad says he will take them off your hands. Says he’ll only pay a tenner if you’re after cash though (he’s tight)

Wasn’t planning on asking anything for them :slight_smile: - I’ll be pleased that they find a home.


Amazing, thanks, he’s made up (his wife less so). Will drop you a message

Tell your dad the tenner was accepted, collect the programmes, spend the tenner. Everyone’s a winner!