Saddlers Stats End of Season Survey Results


Thanks for all your input into this. It’s far from perfect but some parts make for interesting reading.




It won’t let me access it? just getting a 404 error file not found


Same here, links don’t work.


I’ve edited the link slightly - this is a site error, not a @saddlersstats error! :see_no_evil:


Pleased that my get Bonser out statement was there :grinning:


The frustrating thing about the majority of the supporters views there is that they should be easy to fix if there’s a will to just get them done.

Half of supporters annoyance comes from the clubs attitude which seems to be they can’t be bothered.

I mean seriously, a tap has been broken for 2 years?
If they can’t be bothered to sort out simple things like that what hope do we have of them getting anything else right.


So, what will happen with these comments? Some excellent points here that the club can fix; the toilets would be a relatively easy fix over the summer!


The plan is to send them to the club and they’ll be discussed at the Fans Working Group meeting on Monday next week.


I forgot to add to my matchday experience comments, ‘It would be helpful if the groundstaff cleaned the pigeon sh*t off the seats before home games.’’


Someone said about initiatives to get fans in the ground earlier. Last season I was regularly in by 3:05. How much earlier do they want me in the bloody ground?!?!?! :astonished::laughing:

Seriously though, the club only need to view a few of those responses to see the main issues … toilets and food availability/prices. Shouldn’t be too much hassle/cost to sort these things out.


Agreed TINNED…this is becoming a habit!!! They are basic issues which could and should be sorted easily.


These results are better for the club than I would have expected at the moment and I agree with other posters, the main issues should be easy to correct and a perfect opportunity for the club to improve the fans opinions.


Talking of the bogs … Anyone ever had a dump on a match day? I’d imagine it’s pretty uncomfortable and slightly traumatic. I’d much prefer to brew mine than do the deed in such vile conditions.


2 strange individuals voted Bakayoko as player of the season!
Joke entry perhaps?


Am Voted twice :joy:


Don’t think so :wink: More seriously, who else? All players had bad season, and Baka takes a lot of stick. It wasn’t his fault some decisions of coaching staff were, how I could say it politely, rubbish.


I will confess I voted Baka under my old persona Swampysaddler :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


For all the criticism of Bakayoko (much of it fully deserved), didn’t he do well in (a) controlling that crossfield pass from Dobson and then (b) passing it perfectly for the same Dobson to score against Northampton Town? That has to be one of the best “assists” I’ve ever seen.


I spoke to Stefan Gamble at a meeting prior to the start of last season, and emailed the club twice, about the state of the toilets but nothing was done. I have since spoken to someone in the office about them who said she would tell the handyman so I am hoping repairs have been done when I next go in.


but bonser is the handyman :joy: