Sadler Out?

I am, but that’s besides the point :grin:

That is my point……Imagine your frustration if I continued this line of argument

I don’t quite follow.

You’re more experienced in the hiring and firing of football managers and professional football management ?

If so, fair enough. I’m not quite sure what that has to do with us potentially being in the bottom 4 and sacking a manager because we’re crap though :joy:

Anyway take it up with the Cleveland Clinic which is what Google threw up at me when I searched for it. I knew the part of the brain I meant I just couldnt remember its actual name! :rofl:

Can’t really knock the away support when you don’t go to them, when you watch them on a dodgy firestick every week :smile:

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Yeah you do.

It’s the Amygdalae :grin:

I knew straight away what you meant. Only jousting :joy:

The reality is on Saturday two of the worst teams in the bottom tier of English football will play each other. Its depressing enough that one of them is Walsall FC. Its even more depressing contemplating the fallout of a defeat, or even a draw. The fact that the potential fallout will include folks trying to elucidate “a positive” is even more depressing.
In precisely one week it will be the 40th anniversary of our win at Arsenal, my god.


You have READ it? :grin: :wink:


I have less skin on my thumb now I have had to scroll through so much just to get rid of the ‘unread’ notification lol…


Personally, I think its quite clear interest is starting to wain. The atmosphere is changing and numbers going to watch home and away seem to be dropping for the first time since Jeff went. Even the interest levels on here and social media is changing.

Im not Sadler or Trivela out, but I’m not burying my head in the sand, either. Some real tough months ahead for both if results don’t come


Is this now the designated FGR match thread? :grin:

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No. Its the dullest thread ever, once again hijacked by certain posters as a means of justifying their existence. Not sure where the eyes glaze over emoji is


I don’t know why there was so much fuss made to be honest.

We all know that losing to FGR at home would be an absolutely terrible result :joy: I don’t get it.

Massive game for Sadler, and for us.

Well, I’ve finally got through that load of rubbish, this forum is now showing the sort of form the football team is.

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It seems to me like there’s a big argument about how terrible the result would be and it’s just whether you frame it as a one off game or on the back of the a few bad results recently that we should be winning on paper - Sutton, Harrogate and I’d hope to win at least one of the Newport or Crawley games.

For me, it’s a game that’s pretty big as we need to turn around the slide we’ve seen recently and in my opinion, as a club we need to work out fairly quickly whether Sadler should be sticking around or not so every game is very important.

Just my opinion, but viewing the Forest Green game in a vacuum as an anything can happen, 11 vs 11 thing can’t be right as we’ve kind of had those recently and lost them, so we’ve already either had the freak results and need to correct it, or we’re consistently losing to teams we should be beating.

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Woahhhhh looks like i missed an episode of 24 hours in police custody last night. Look CS im jusg going to call a spade a spade here.

Most of us allow you have an opinion that differs to ours yes we will counter act your argument once, twice maybe three times if we truly believe what you are saying is tosh but in general most of us then agree to disagree. However you rarely let other posters have an opinion if it doesnt agree with yours you will argue them into submission and end up belittling them or turning to insults but making out you were doing it in jest.

You have positioned yourself on this great big pedestal like your Sauron the all seeing eye and none of us are worthy or match upto your football intelligence but in other feeds (particularly against MS) you turn into Gandalf " THOU SHALL NOT PASS "
You start a debate fair enough but then you make silly comments completely changing the narrative to tailor fit your original argument

Your sucking the fun out of UTS reminds me of the old Soccer AM days when it was all about Lovejoy and the rest were just gracious enough to be in his presence

You need to chill out a bit appreciate other peoples views and opinions and not beat them into submission so they agree with you.

Oh and one final point just because we dont use big words in our posts doesnt mean we dont understand what they mean most of us were born in or around Walsall some of us are educated to a high standard theres a time and a place to spit our a thesaurus :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Thank you.

Honestly if just calling someone a clueless c*** didn’t get a ban it would be far easier and I’d be able to be far more succinct far more often.

Thanks for allowing me an opinion though :+1: very gracious of you.

Just no point in trying to talk is there you know full well i never meant it in that context you know full well i meant we dont beat you into submission but just proved everything i said with that one simple reply from you :thinking:

Oh I just didn’t understand sorry