Sadler Out?

Not only that, you said we set up with two pivots and then suggest we changed to it after 20 mins….

The change wasn’t a change it was players getting dragged into positions to solve problems.

We then set up again with Earing and Hutch for the second half. If it had worked so well and solved a problem by going with 2 pivots why didn’t they stick with it.

Don t remember saying that but notwithstanding that, not in game where you’re out of possession for most of it.

Oh I’m sorry I thought you said “we set up with two pivots”

Make your mind up.

So now we played with two pivots for 20 mins out of 90?

No, we then switched to another negative 4141 or something. It was hard to tell given the lack of shape.

Damage limitation, with a whiff of ‘we might nick a goal’.

Newport didn’t have to get out of second gear. They just sat back and let us huff and puff.

What I find interesting, is that you above agreed that the form has been very average across the season, (and so have others) - yet are still contending stuff at random.

I don’t think it needs much discussion.

We’ve been very average, and in my opinion, fairly disappointing so far this season as a whole. Thats it. I don’t know how anyone can really disagree with that statement.

The other issue with ‘well there’s always next season’ and incremental progress is that players are going to leave. I’d be amazed if Hutchinson is here next season. What then?


Hate keep sacking managers as what usually happens is we have players the new manager doesn’t fancy and a completely new rebuild happens yet again .
Despite recent results i do like the way trivelia are improving the club as a whole and I do think we have the nucleus of a good team that between now and the end of the season Sadler needs to get the best out of week in week out and if hasn’t managed to achieve that and there are not positive signs I would hope that boycott gets somebody who can for when pre season starts.


I think that’s fair comment Ben has to decide and make that decision end of season definitely not Ten games into next season would be disastrous and waste of another Season .if he hasn’t accessed Sadler then .we might as let Pomlett take the reins again .

So 1 pivot and no 10 then :+1:

What stuff at random? What the hell are you on about?

Seriously you literally can’t or don’t read.

Because you give no credit whatsoever to some results that required real resilience and real desire to pull a point out the bag. You just see that as disappointing because you’d already earmarked it as a must win….normally against a side you think we should beat based on their league position rather than their form or their squad.

Well I’m sure he wont be but that’s ok because according to some fans he only plays well once every 10 games anyway :rofl::rofl:

I would reassess at the end of the season if we finish where we are now, for example. That would be nowhere near good enough.

I think we will finish 12th personally. We do have some good players, and I hope Sadler lets us off the leash a bit and go at teams a little more.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we beat Crawley, raise optimism, then not win again for 3 games. And the cycle repeats.

If we did finish 12th, that’s an improvement - but next season has to be a promotion push. If it’s not, then he will have to go.


Well that’s one thing we can agree on tonight :joy:

Hutch is by far and away our best player. If he leaves in the summer it will be a tremendous blow.


I think you proved there you can read :wink:

:rofl::rofl: you know we enjoy the joust….its never with malice - both ways :+1:

I think it’s just a natural evolution…it’ll be hard to hang on to a midfield player who gets 12-15 goals…(12 already so worst case) but this is league two so there is always a way of replacing even if it’s spreading the load between more than one and being a sum of the parts situation….i just think it’s time….we picked him up for nothing and many had barely heard of him….good recruitment / slice of luck….who knows…but he’ll be 24 by season end and 150+ games which is prime time really.


Agree about Hutch real shame we haven’t got him a the right time for a push for the time we get to that he will be long gone .

Yep its time to sell if someone chucks some money at him.

Great player on his day but if this is the model we are going down then its time. I dont think its worth holding onto him for nothing eventually , put it that way. Hes not that good.

Interestingly only 2 of those clubs have markedly improved their form by changing manager. MK and Tranmere . The latter have which have settled in to a more average run. Bit early to judge on Salford but they are improving.

Read yesterdays debate.

Im with Thanny :cowboy_hat_face: when it comes to football. He is correct on the frankly insane setup at home on Saturday and the bar of expectations being lowered to a tragic low.

The Smith/Sadler comparisons are ludicrous and I was far from Smiths biggest fan. The critical difference was a clear consistant approach to tactics and team selection. The only similar thing you can probably say about both of them is the players want to play for their manager, which is tbf one of the biggest hurdles a manager has. Despite being dross at times, Sadler has maintained support from the players apart from DJ. Thats my impression anyway.

Alas, being good mates with the players is not a good reason to keep a manager.


Crap sack him now that’s his fault again tonight sitting back .


Get Gareth Ainsworth in…


We have a “manager” in charge of our club who:

Likes to play a wing back system with "wing backs who dont stop crosses coming into the box.

Likes to play a wing back system with “wing backs” unable to deliver to the strikers

Believes his Number 1 is the best in the league despite many a bewildering performance.

Plays 3 at the back who struggle to deal with crosses / balls into the box.

Plays 3 at the back who struggle with aerial challenges.

Leaves his only proven goal scorer to rot on the bench.

Believes his centre half is a midfield maestro.

I dont think anyone can be surprised we are languishing in the bottom half of the basement division.

Gorra gew Tone.


Steve Cotterill is the man to get.

Vastly experienced, did a superb job at the Sloppies for a couple of years a league higher on a low budget (and nearly losing his life in the process) and now got right in at the bottom to try to keep Forest Green up.

He’s already achieved more points than Deeney which admittedly isn’t hard but shows he can quickly go in and get underachieving group playing better. Osadebe scored the winner for them at Barrow tonight.

I can see them going on a good run but just failing to stay up so get on the blower to him as soon as the season ends please.


I just can’t wait until this sadler experiment is over , however long it takes


Then you will get someone else to criticise constantly!