Safe Standing

At the most recent Working Party Meeting the club discussed the possibility of introducing a Safe Standing section at Bescot, and have already looked into costs for such a project.

The supporters’ groups present have been asked to canvas the idea to our members and fellow fans, so Walsall Supporters for Change have prepared a short survey.

Please complete and share:

Cheers, Simon


Done. Hope something happens off the back of this… But won’t hold my breath.


Completed by me although I would not use it.

Done and miss the days of knees up mother brown :slight_smile:


Enjoyed standing at Morecambe. I thought the “new” home end looked great when it was seats in the upper and terrace below for half a season. If it was up to me i’d rip the seats out of the lower again, the family stand up to the half way line, and the away end.


Done , I started a thread on this some time ago trying to drum up support as I believe it would change the whole matchday atmosphere , afterall you don’t have to stand there to join in with the singing and the jumping around if you would rather sit somewhere but still get the feel good factor it would create , instead of the library silence we get so often .

You deserve a padded seat and waiter service at your age, and for the years of dedication to the cause.

I may have mentioned this before, I used to run a company half owned by Alisher Usmanov, the ex Arsenal shareholder. Used to get tickets in his private box or the diamond suite at The Emirates where heated seats, blankets and waiter service were the order of the day, plus the Raymond Blanc restaurant.

Give me the Street end any day of the week :smile:

Out of curiosity, where did you observe at FP?


Is that where you turned rank tory and enemy of the people, over the fish course in the Raymond Blanc restaurant? :laughing: :thinking: :wink:

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No, it was way before then. Probably trace it back to the 70’s when free school milk was stopped. I knew that day it was the party for me and that the person that made the decision would be a future icon :wink:


I agree with your first point as long as the waiter brings a glass of chilled white or a French claret(see I am not that anti European …sorry wrong thread). I was on the half way line opposite the main stand just under cover with about 15-20 mates!! There are 3 of us left now who are in the OAP stand…I am the noisy one who keeps some of the others awake!!!
I loved Fellows Park…even in some of our bleakest times there was an atmosphere which Bescot can never come close to replicating. I supported the move but the disappointment I felt with the “new” stadium is still with me. Anyway I will stop my reminiscing as I know it gets boring for some.

Its about the only thing I agreed with her on. School milk was horrible, frozen in winter and warm and sour the rest of the year :wink:

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Only to those who think us old folk should be seen but not heard!
Fellows Park is a joyful memory I will hold close to my heart for ever, much happier days under the rust ridden rooves than our current soulless morgue.


Well I have been ticked off more than once for talking about the past…perhaps us old’uns should have a separate thread or threads where we can relive our past glories!!!


Only when you bang on about the empire in another thread :wink:

Not me mate…I have never mentioned the empire!!! You must be getting me mixed up with some other posters on that thread…possibly those who wish to paint those of us who support the referendum result as living in the past!!! Now where is that old atlas with most of the world covered in pink.:grinning::grinning:


I like a pint of old empire every now and again

You better stock up as it is sure to be banned soon.