Salary Caps for L1 and L2

Doesn’t seem to be a dedicated thread yet, so what are people’s thoughts on the announcement?

Personally, I think it’s an idea on the right lines executed in completely the wrong way. In my opinion, all this is going to do is further extend the distance between League One and the Championship.

Why would it not be a percentage of turnover?
What happens to the additional income that would have been spent on player wages?
Surely this is just going to lower the standard of the division?

Because turnover is too easy to fudge.
Spent on transfer fees?

The additional income could be spent on many things I suppose. Club infrastructure, supporting the community, supporter benefits such as season ticket offers / discounted entrance / free travel to away games, a rainy day fund or even dividends for the shareholders.

1 thing i dont get with the wage cap is wont it deter players wonting to play in L1and L2 it would put me off if i was on 3 grand a week then down to 1grand

That’s the thing. Could be a loophole if the parent club are paying the other 2 grand.

FFS it’s the premier league that needs the wage cap :roll_eyes:


just been reading that the PFA are thinking of legal action on the wage cap after sunderland and portsmouth voted not to go ahead with it

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but were outvoted

On the Ant Gerard edition of the Undr the Cosh podcast, he said he was on £1,800 a week with us in L1, and Championship Cardiff (going for the Prem) paid him £3,000. Was a while ago but, as captain and a key player (fans’ Player of the Season 2 years running), he would have been one of our bigger earners at the time and I doubt if our wage structure has increased that much (especially while we’re in L2).

So I doubt we or many others at our level will have players on £3,000 or more even before the cap - well some of the cheatier clubs (mentioning no names - we all know who they are) might but that’s what the cap is supposed to counter.

Given that it’s going to be a trickle down from at least the Championship with many clubs having reduced squads, players unwilling to take a cut in pay are either going to have to go abroad (if they’re good enough) or hope their GCSE in metalwork will be enough to get them a proper job to make up the cash while they can get back handers from the non-league clubs willing to take them on as part-timers.

It’s going to be a buyers market.

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We had a guy come out today to give us a quote to put some bifold doors in, and he was a Coventry fan, had supported them for over 30 years, and will not be attending any matches at Birmingham.
How can they sustain the money they pay out with so many fans boycotting home games?
He said they were looking at a site to build a new ground in Warwick? i think it was the old university? apparently the local council there are more agreeable than Coventry council

I am quite surprised Gerrard was on that much too be honest, after hearing stories about what we offered Keates on the back of his player of the season in the title winning season. Peterborough smashed us out of the water, but from all accounts our offer was somewhat derisory. I don’t believe everything I hear, but I think it is clear our wages are no where near that now, and we are talking the best part of 15 years ago.

I think there is an interesting point hidden in your post. I can see football at our level ending up part time, at least for some clubs. It has already been mentioned about the possibility of old style north and south divisions. If we go back to when the Premier League was started, part of it’s structure was meant to be to filter money down through the entire football pyramid as I remember. This clearly hasn’t happened, the money involved in the Premier League is grotesque, all propped up by TV money. It has ruined the game as we know it, clubs now don’t care about anything other than staying in the Premier League (or getting in it) such are the financial rewards, and at the top end top 4 is more important than winning trophies. If you draw Manchester United in the FA Cup now, you probably play their reserves, come to think of it, if you draw Burnley or Brighton you probably get the same.

I do feel a restructuring of some kind is required. If Covid 19 has shown us anything, it has shown football is nothing without supporters, but in England at least we are the bottom of the list of priorities, always.

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I don’t blame them in one way,they are both giants compared to most league1 & 2 clubs but rules is rules.They will be thinking why should they be kept to the same levels as Rochdale and Wycombe,suck it up guys… :grinning: .What does annoy me is that Salford and Bolton have deliberately got as many players in as they can before the salary caps come in.I do hope the EFL enforce it retrospectively.

It will come to that, i can’t see the PFA letting this drop.

It’s not a straightforward one to call. When you look at the likes of FGR, who despite drawing tiny crowds and having next to no League heritage, are able to outspend us, it seems to be a no-brainer. Another point in favour of the cap is that larger teams who find themselves in Leagues 1 & 2 still have an advantage, in the shape of better-financed scouting systems, and the prestige of playing for a bigger club.

The argument against is when the wider picture is taken into account, namely the enormous ‘cap gap’ between League 1 and the Championship. If it seemed big before, it’s going to be a tough time flying that chasm with clipped wings.

That said, for me the Premier League is completely off the radar and I’ve no interest in it. Getting there, even just for a so-called “day in the sun”, would not be something I’m desperate to see Walsall do. The Championship is a different kettle of fish as far as we’re concerned. I think more of us would like to see Walsall dabble in it, perhaps dare I say it, compete. If the latter possibility goes though, what’s the point?

A more gentle, consistent increment of caps through all leagues would be more ideal, but that’s just not going to happen. The big boys will laugh it out of town. This vote being just a snapshot of what is only the current League 1 and League 2 membership seems to me to have been the only available comprimise, albeit an unsatisfactory one.

Not sure they have a case as there is already precedent in Rugby League. As long as the cap is a total for the squad and not for an individual player, then I doubt it could be deemed as illegal in an employment law case.

Won’t stop Taylor trying though.

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It’s about time someone capped his salary. He obviously read the book “How to be a saviour and line your own pockets” By JW Bonser

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What have I done now? :smiley:


You’ve been conning the public to the tune of 700K per annum, that’s what.
Talk about a license to steal!
Sorry, wrong Taylor. You’re a good one, like Colin.
I was referring to that thief at the PFA.

A player on £3,000 per week = (roughly) £150,000 per year.

Club cap of £1.5M in L2 means a squad of just 10 players on that salary, while a squad of 20 (equally paid) means an average of £1500pw/£75,000pa, and 30 is £1000pw/£50,000pa.

We usually have a squad of 25-27, although some of those will be first and second year youngsters on not much more than minimum/apprentice level wage, and some loanees (are they part of our wage bill, their parent club’s, or both?), and the others won’t all be on the same wage.

I know that even £50k will sound like a lot to some of our fans having to live on a lot less than that, but a player’s career is comparatively short (especially if they get a bad injury) and they have to make provision for life after they stop.

Most, especially those down at this level, will have to continue working for a living after they hang up theirs boots, not many will be able to retire in their early 30s and live off just their savings.

So unless they are one of the top performers able to cut it in the EPL or higher end of the championship, even good players are going to accept they aren’t going to get big wonga any more.

Why make it so complicated ? Do it the Walsall Way, you know it makes sense

League 2 = £ 100 p/w + 1 bag of scratchings
League 1 = £ 200 p/w + 2 bags of scratchings