Salford City FC

Refusing to move the kick off time.

A club so out of touch with reality. Let’s be honest the second the backing of the big names there disappears so will they. It’s not a club run by real football people.

I just don’t understand why so much of the media and neutral fans out there give them so much attention.

A 2pm Kick Off would have helped us out


With all that money, they don’t give a bugger about the fans - they don’t have that many to start with! Just a fraction of Beckham’s £150m World Cup blood money will be more than enough to compensate them for any loss of revenue.


Very poor on their part - I am guessing that they are willing to accept the potential reduced travelling contingent with hope it boosts their chances of victory.

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Doesn’t affect their fans really. Just ours and possibly the officials, depending on where they are from.
Strange that they are happy to give up a fair few quid though as it will likely affect how many we take.

I was holding out for seeing what happens with Englands results. Foolish by Salford.

Fair play WFC for pushing it though.

That’s how I see it, guess they don’t want a big following there.

It will backfire on em when we come away with a win :blush:

Really is poor from them. But, club before country for me anyway so I’ll be there watching the saddlers hopefully bring back 3 points and I hope it doesn’t put too many off as I could have seen us taking over 1k for this one. Might just be a case of watching the first 20 minutes of the England game from my phone on the coach but into a pub then for the rest.



Looking at the weather I’d be shocked if the game is on.

They don’t really have any real fans though so no one there end is going to care

What about those that go to watch them every week?

I respect the fans that we’re there from the start but there are so many fans who just follow the money and the fact they have famous owners.
It just annoys me same as many clubs
Most fans don’t know the teams history, players etc
Same with the big clubs I’ve got a mate who’s a Chelsea fan who didn’t know who zola was like seriously ( his from beechdale ) and goes once a year

I didn’t think they had any fans?

What about Peter Bonetti?

You don’t check the attendances then?

Same for all clubs though. Who are our real fans? Will the extras that we get if we continue our improvement be real fans?
I don’t get the slagging off of lower league fans tbh. I respect anyone that watches lower league or non league football


True I suppose your right .
I suppose a little jealousy kicks in sometimes then I have to remember we have trivela now
If we ever got to the prem it would sell out every game whoever the owner or players for us are

The BBC made a documentary about their rise from rags to riches, called “the class of 92” back in 2015, and i don’t think their REAL supporters, that had been watching from the 1940’s onward. was very happy about the takeover

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Pisses me off big time when some premier league team wanker disrespects us. We all know the type of shit.
“Oh you must be the one” or “I didn’t know they had a team” when you say that you support Walsall.
Not going to join in with that bullshit


There pitch is poor as well chance it could be off.