Salford FA Cup

24 Salford massive at their game tonight .

Wouldn’t of took much if it had been on a Saturday, they are embarrassing, why they want a bigger stadium is beyond me

A ridiculous journey on a Monday night thoughin fairness

Absolutely .
Suppose it was inevitable that it would be a live game , it’s all about the’project’ you know .

Can’t believe they’ve put them behind the goal they could have stayed in the clubhouse to watch it.

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Think they only bought about 100 to us on a Saturday afternoon its hardly miles away either

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Living the dream :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Tough on Dagenham this , they have been by far the better team .

The Media love in with the ‘class of 92 fc’ is beyond a joke! They’re just desperate for a shot of Scholes or Neville in a beanie hat and oversized coat, at the back of a stand, which ain’t hard given their paltry following.


I’m not a fan of Salford or anything but fair play to the 24 that did make the effort.


Wasn’t at Kings Lynn but it sounded like the game last night was similar to ours both started quickly then the non league sides had the lions share of the game end result was also the same so not fussed but as said elsewhere we don’t look massively impressive at all but are getting results usually a good sign right?

Definitely is mate , just be interested to know if apparently dropping off is a deliberate tactic or something we we are forced into by the opposition , it seems to happen a lot , it looks at times as though we can’t get close enough to stop the other team playing through us .

It’s like Matt knows we are blowing after 65 minutes and has told them to stay in shape and show him they can defend as a unit to see the job through then again it seems to be happening way earlier than 60 odd minutes but they have kept clean sheets twice now so I believe the Sutton one was a brilliant one because they are a threat with pace.

This dropping off is really frustrating. We just seem to invite the pressure and allow the opposition so much time as we don’t press out very quickly. If it is a fitness thing then something needs to change. It’s cost us far too many points already this season.

I agree. I suspect they will be 24 of their original fans rather than the new ones.

A bugger of a trip on a Monday night. That said, even if it had been 3pm on a Saturday I doubt they’d have taken more than a hundred.

The crazy thing and the thing that Neville et al won’t get, is that had they still been hanging around the 7th or 8th tier they wouldn’t have been on the telly and therefore on the Saturday, the majority of their 300 fans plus a few would have travelled because being in the first round proper would have meant more. Much more.

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Whenever I see posts mocking clubs away support, and it is a big thing on some of the facebook football league pages, I always think about the ones who did make the effort rather than taking the pee.

I don’t like what is happening at Salford at all but like you said these 24 are likely to be long term fans that were there before all the nonsense.

I always think that if you have fans that will go to silly lengths to get to games then there is still some life in a club. I honestly thought almost 700 fans for us on Saturday was an amazing effort. We have had some not so nice away games lately which we have taken good support to, it isn’t a cheap game. For the average away game to take my lad I am looking at £70-80 minimum with coach fair, tickets, couple of drinks and some food . It is a lot for me and no doubt for many other fans but we keep finding a way and that is what is so brilliant about following a club like Walsall.

If we were down to 24 away fans going to away games, I can guarantee you and I would still be bumping into each other.


Well said mate, 100% agree.

The Salford project hasn’t worked they’ve probably actually lost fans the 1000 or whatever it is they get at home only go because it’s something to do for a tenner you could put a football league club anywhere and get 1000 fans I reckon their hardcore fan base has dropped 50% from 150 to 75 the rest probably go somewhere else in non league.
What happened to that FC UTD of Manchester that was another daft idea they’ve got a similar set up to Salford. There must be 50+ league/non league clubs in greater Manchester imagine thinking it would be a good idea to set up a new one or trying to get a 8th tier club into the championship when you’ve got clubs like bury going bust and Stockport in the Conference North .

I think it is important to distinguish between Salford and FC United.

The latter was set up by disenfranchised fans of Man Utd and is structured in the completely opposite way to Man Utd and indeed Salford. It is fan owned and structured to be all about the community and football rather than commercialism. In many ways this has held them back as they hover around the seventh tier. That said, their home crowds are still very similar to Salford.

The Irony of Salford is that despite Gary Nevilles proclamations of football and community, they admit that they are trying to “buy success” by running the whole project at a significant loss underwritten by wealthy backers. Something FC United couldn’t do under its own constitution and founding principles.

Despite the United links, the FC United lot really don’t like anything about the Salford project.