Sam Perry - new contract

Sam has signed a new contract

Perry puts pen to paper on new contract - News - Walsall FC (


Again another good move by the club well deserved Sam keep improving lad :+1:t2:


Good news.

Excellent, this and the Oss…things are looking up!


Great news…well done Sam and the club.

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Doesn’t actually say how long he’s signed for? Surely it isn’t just 12 months

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Exactly my hope. I’m hoping this is multiple years. To me this trumped the Bates and Kinsella signings. Kinsella in particular is a fourth division “keep us up” battler. Perry has all the hallmarks of a fourth division “get you up” player who could develop into a player good enough for any of the three divisions in the EFL.

Obviously these deals were on ice from both parties (players and club) pending greater certainty around the league in which we shall be playing next season.

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We have the midfield sorted next season, and not only that it might just end up being a very good one.

Good business today.

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For me the fact it doesn’t say how long suggests it’s 12 month contract. So come jan when the player got 6 months left and clubs are sniffing we get peanuts. We’re run by idiots if this happens

I assume bates, kinsella and Holden are contracted to next season at least. I would extend holden’s. I would also like to see Clarke, rose, saddler and leak sign new deals as well.

None of the rest for me. I seriously do not rate scarr and that’s putting it understatedly. We need a fresh gk in the building as well. Roberts will never improve.

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Great signing, big future ahead :+1:t2:

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It has to be 3 years minimum, I can’t believe for one moment it could be 12 months?

Nothing surprises me with our club. The kid got bags of potential and he’s just come through our youth system there’s no excuse not to give him a 3 year contract. Him and Holden should be tied up straight away. I just know it’s 12 months and we’ll end up losing him for next to nothing

Ye we should be shouting the contract length from the rooftops!

Great news… but why is contract length not disclosed again . Seems a though we only get told the bare minimum . Which probably means 12 months and the vultures will be sniffing round after 6

A player will only sign the length of contract that they want to sign.

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Absolutely delighted with this. Very well deserved.

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Tbf he should be signing the longest contract he can get his hand on, absolutely no guaranteed where his career will go from this point.

Brilliant news. Going to be some player for dh.

What a prospect who’s just broken into the first team? He will sign a 3 year contract no problem. If he ends up leaving for peanuts after 6 months I will just follow rushall or Stafford rangers and I’ll be done. My son and partner just said exactly the same thing. I hope I get egg on my face and it’s longer than I think but we all know it isn’t. I’m sick to the back teeth of it.