Sam Perry to Yeovil Town

Sam has been loaned to the Glovers for the whole of the coming season.

(Joe Edwards, Excuse and Stir)

It’s already been discussed in Summer Transfers.

Good move for him


Worthy of its own thread though, rather than working your way through a not specifically Walsall thread and its 4.5k replies…


Career only going one way if he dosen’t stand out at that level.

Rest up to him considering he does have talent.


Doesn’t surprise me he’s not done much really this might do him good

Stop being lazy and keep up then. I agree it warrants its own thread though.

Huge upcoming season/ opportunity for him. Hopefully he gets plenty of football and returns an established League Two/ League One (:crossed_fingers:) player. He certainly has the ability.

Good luck, Sam.

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Thought he was superb during Duttons tenure. Hope he can move forward at Yeovil.

Yeah fair point

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Surprised Solihull weren’t in for him? Not sure where Yeovil will figure in promotion race but given play off places seem to go down to about 11th you’d like to think they’ll be in mix for that.

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Good luck Sam . We all wish you well.


I wish him well too.
He was never going get into the 1st team with all the midfielders we’ve signed. A good move for both clubs

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Head of Player Development at Yeovil Town is a certain Marcus Stewart, can see perhaps ‘why’ Perry’s ended up there now.

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Always liked him.Come back pushing for a place Sam.

Yeovil’s ticket prices!

Bargain prices in such an affluent area

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If they are going to have a stand named in honour of a musical instrument they should at least learn to spell “Tambourine” correctly.

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Seems to me from Flynn’s comments Perry and Leak didn’t perform during the close season as was expected of them.


Believe me Yeovil and many areas of Somerset are not particularly affluent.

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