Save Wfc. Please email the supporter liason officer

Let’s show our love, strength and passion for wfc and get hundreds of emails to the Slo

Respect to you all. Up the saddlers

We am ■■■■

Sent mine :+1:t2:


What’s the email address

I reckon Leigh will already have been made aware of the situation by now if all those that have said they’ve done it have done it.


[email protected]

We need hundreds



Keep it going. Let’s make this the biggest thread

I will send mine in the morning otherwise it will be way too abusive

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Done, just checked it had sent properly and I have had an automated reply from slo.

Really hope the liaison officer actually forwards these and just doesn’t hit delete

Ive been polite and professional. I just want explanations on a number of things. Not just spin

Send it to [email protected] too if you want to make sure.


Whilst I hope this helps our cause a little bit I still think we need to do more! I quite like the cars at the next home game idea x

I can’t see us getting enough you’d need 100 cars or more to be taken seriously.

Wow. Facebook is looking immense hundreds of comments

I’m not on Facebook what are people saying are they sending emails like us lot??