Is this a scam. If you’ve won why would they need a credit card number. Seems very dodgy to me and maybe other should be made aware.

It can’t be a scam.
It says “This is REAL”
Some people are so suspicious


The same scam has been happening all week on every one of these giveaway posts on the clubs Facebook.
The scammers have created an identical profile and keep answering all the comments telling them they’ve won and to click the link.

1 Like is, I am sure, a well respected and official website/address too…


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Cracking grammar too, as always.

Be frightening when they realise they can get AI to generate it and it’ll do a proper job.

Thanks all. Should have checked and noticed, but dad died a week ago and my head ain’t where it should be :+1:t3::+1:t3:


It happened last year, I phoned the club and they said the draw hadn’t taken place at the time. So be careful.

I am sorry about your father. Unfortunately, although scammers usually do not directly target those under stress, it often happens that people in that position (or the ill, or very old etc.) are the ones whose attention is not what it might be.

I do know someone who gave away his life savings. All his friends, and his bank manager, tried to dissuade him but he thought that they were trying to con him.


Glad you didn’t get caught out Dave.
You have enough to deal with right now.

Thanks :heart::heart::wine_glass::wine_glass:


Thanks all. Should have checked and noticed, but dad died a week ago and my head ain’t where it should be

I’m very sorry the hear about your dad. It’s never a good time to lose a parent, especially at this time of the year looking at an empty place at the table.
My deepest condolences to you and your family.


Thinking of you and your family mate :heart: x


Thinking of you my condolences are sent your way god bless


But the grammar and content is purposely made that way. It’s not poor spelling or language comprehension.these criminals can generally speak and write perfectly good English.

It’s far cleverer and more subtly than you give it credit for…

It’s done to ensure they use it to capture the more vulnerable and those under any kind of pressure. As others will notice all The signposting / errors. The ones far more likely to actually fall for the attack and less likely to Try and do anything about it.

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The biggest giveaway there would be the URL. Anything official from the club would direct you to rather than walsall-fc-official5 and so on in the example above. On iPhone/Android you can hold down a link to reveal the URL or hover over with a mouse on PC. Might seem simple to a lot of people but just a tip for anyone who isn’t as tech savvy. Wouldn’t want any fellow Saddlers or anyone getting scammed, let alone so close to Christmas. :+1:


That is good advice. I would add: never, ever give your bank details to anyone who asks for them out of the blue. Or much other information either.

One of the more subtle scams is to get you to ring a number, either to claim a prize, to test your phone/line, or some other plausible excuse. The number you ring is a premium rate, racking up a few quid a minute while you wait for something to happen.


Always remember: the only thing Walsall give away for free is goals.

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