Scarlet Pomperlet

So where’s the chairman when he should be addressing the fans about all the players we could of , should of signed but ended up with one striker that lets be honest doesn’t fill the heart with hope , all those chest pumping vids have dried up perhaps hes on holiday .

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Why would a chairman make a video to tell the fans of all the players that we’ve missed out on over the summer?


Being honest?

No more videos he’s writing Cheques that can’t be cashed

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When he said he’d put out regular updates I don’t think he meant one a month it’s only 1st of September.

Tbf I’d rather not watch another episode of jackanory.

He’s only borrowed the camcorder anyway you wait until the other chairman have to pay their monthly instalments for theirs they will be in so much financial trouble :roll_eyes:

I’d say he is probably reflecting upon the whole transfer window rather than just the dying embers and giving it a 7/10. We’ve signed some proven players at this level. He can probably see the gaps like the rest of us but for whatever reason couldn’t fill them during the window.

He’s probably talking to Fullerton now about the many unattached players and discussing whether any of those fit the bill.

I’m sure he’ll talk to us all again soon.


One day the fans are moaning that he does these videos as a publicity stunt, the next fans are moaning that he isn’t coming out explaining himself.

We’re not perfect, I’m underwhelmed but Christ sake, the man can’t really win can he?


He could do a video where he sticks to his promises ? just an idea :grin: :wink:



Heard the club have run out of VHS tape for the camcorder they use and have sent Fullarton down south to secure some but he rang Pomlett at 10.30 Sunday night to say he’s worked hard but they’ve missed out to Beadles about and the A team


No more ‘addresses’ thank you.

Unless it is to answer the big issues such as freehold etc (which won’t happen), I’m not interested.

Let’s do our talking on the pitch.


Has this site turned into Walsall Fans Have Your Say?


Bring back Kents I say, especially with Bonsa still pulling the strings.

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Martian In


Sell up Borsen!

Don’t you mean ‘sill up Bontar’?!

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Go and support Rushall if you dont like it :wink: