Scott Laird

Strong rumours he’s set to return, which may suggest Leahy is on his way.

Meh. Can’t get in Forrest Green Rovers side. We made this mistake with Osbourne.


Masi confirms there’s something in this. Experienced and had a decent first spell here.

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I’d take him back all day long. Should never have gone and can at least defend properly.


Loved the bloke when he was here.

Would definitely take him back.

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Can he defend? Yes.

Is he better than Leahy? Yes.


Didn’t Whitney bomb him out?

At this stage it isn’t about fancy signings. He will do a job. A solid one. He can defend.

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Another player who has been with the club previously, though…

Yep. One of Whitneys masterstrokes.

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Feel like he’s getting a lot of brownie points for being a nice guy. He can’t get game time at Forrest Green Rovers and hasn’t for the best part of a full year. I’m not saying what we have is the answer I just don’t think Laird is either. There has to be better players out there than all these ex ones we keep being linked with.


At this stage I don’t care. I want a defender who can defend and I know he can.




What the ■■■■ is the owner, board, management team and scouts doing ?

We are only being linked with Players who have once played for us.

This must have something to do with Bonser and agents fees.
He hates agents fees because the rent needs paying first.

Nothing against Scott but we are struggling to bring in any quality - he’s struggling to get into Forest greens side - are we seriously getting excited about that ? How low have our expectations been kicked out of us


Seemed like a nice guy but thought he was a bang average player. He’s not going to have got any better either.

If this is the best we can do we’re in trouble.


Exactly. This STINKS of penny pinching.

From the wage budget so far we’ve lost an ex international player coach, 3 championship loanees and a signing we only made in the summer.

We’ve replaced that with one championship loanee and one kid from Belgium nobody has heard of.

Is Scott Laird, a Loan from Forrest green rovers, really the best we can do here?

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I tend to agree. He was a useful defender during his time here, as part of a back four and sometimes as the third centre back in a 5-3-2, but I’m not sure how much of difference he will be able to make…

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Issue isn’t with the player, just that we have signed and are often linked with players from the Whitney era.

Was JW actually decent in the transfer market or are we struggling to move forward with how we scout/contract players?


He had his hits and misses to be fair to him. Oztumer Edwards Dobson and a couple of others amongst the pile.

But I wouldn’t be inspired by this whether Whitney had signed him or not to be honest.

Loved him when he was with us and should never have gone! Yes he’ll add experience and yes he should be better than Leahy. I question why he’s not getting a game at FG rovers first and foremost.

We are really in the poo poo!

Geoff to Dean
“Dean we have this meeting on Monday sign someone, anyone! Even better if the fans like them already!”