Scrimshaw Gone

Scrimshaw has gone back to Bournemouth.

Loads of effort from the lad but not enough end product.

All the best Jake.


His two goals I think showed his potential as a striker, but he’s a way to go yet I fear. Sorry to see him leave, just hope we can pick up other loans.

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Top effort while he was here.


One good game vs Vale, but he’s a long way off being good enough.

Not bad for free.

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That’s a shame, i thought he would have pushed on after scoring those 2 goals, he looked to have found new confidence, it doesn’t make sense returning now?what is he going to do, go back to playing second string football?
Anyway thanks for all your efforts Jake, i hope some of your enthusiasm has rubbed off on some of our underachieving players.


Liked his attitude and his energy.

Helped turn the game against Vale and his second was a cracker.
Although the didn’t deliver the goals we hoped for, he always made me think something might happen when he was on the pitch

Good luck to him.


Lacks a little quality but a better option than Lavery, disappointed to see him go.

Decent striker. Lots of workable potential there in my opinion. I’d imagine he is some way off Bournemouths first team. Doesn’t seem to type of lad who would enjoy, or be particular effective playing development football.

I can see him going out on loan again (this time to a club able to contribute to his wages), or even achieve a permanent move somewhere. Would be a decent, relatively cheap punt for a L1/ 2 side.

Thanks and good luck Jake.


Hard working young lad who gave it his all, but as others have said, no end product.
I’m sure this experience will be retained in his memory bank, after all he scored his first goal in professional at Walsall.

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And he wasn’t even on the pitch for half of it, so one good 45 minutes. Apart from that, lots of running but little quality evident. I presume he’s gone back because Bournemouth wanted some contribution to his wages.

Admired his work rate but that’s all he really offered bar one good half. Not good enough to get us the goals to even try for the playoffs .

I’ve enjoyed his enthusiam and the two goals he scored (plus a blinder that hit the post).

Good luck to the lad.

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I’m a little disappointed he’s gone.
Better than Lavatory and ahead of him in DC’s mind.
He is a young man, with the right playing attitude so something to work with.
I’m guessing another team have come in for him as a Loan and will pay his wages.


Can’t fault the effort. Think there’s a decent league 1/2 player in there.

He’s had his first outing in League 2 & has shown he can score goals in this league.
His effort & enthusiasm will have been noted elsewhere. I’m sure he’ll be loaned out again, maybe in League 2 or League 1, at a club closer to home.
I wish him “all the best” for his future.

No more Scrimaldo gutted,

Can’t fault his effort. I suspect he won’t become a regular at Bournemouth,unless they drop another division, but will find his level at a lower L1/ upper L2 club. He needs match time to get there. Hope he gets it.

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​Disappointing he’s gone. I thought his loan deal will be extended (not necessarily still free) and he will push for more game time in this season, but someone has other plans. All the best and I hope his effort won’t be missed.

Suspect he will go elsewhere where he’ll be used in ‘a two’ up front system.
DC said himself that he’s better playing alongside a strike partner.

So, given that we rarely play with 2 up top, and he spent some game time on the wing.

Him and his parent club may feel he’s bettter off going elsewhere.

I always said he was no footballer ( same as osadebe) puts a lot of effort but no quality or technical ability from what I could see. Can’t fault the lad effort and he shocked me against vale but 1 decent half isn’t enough. The squad badly short now with Holden out too. Pomlett or the freeholder of the stadium got some serious digging to do in those deep pockets

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