Scunthorpe United (A), 11th August 3pm


We are a different side than last season. Our two wingers terrified Scunny and with a bit more luck and better finishing we could have won by a hatful. Midfield looked stronger with Isiah pitting his foot in and chasing everything. Kinsella looked good when he came on. Guthrie is developing into a good centre half winning everything in the air.
We looked a good balanced team with a threat upfront, with real pace and power. We are in for a good season methinks


Someone on the scummy forum said we’ll surprise a lot of teams this season and I agree.


I agree Dan. Seen lots of “we deserved to win that”. stuff which I get in terms of clearcut chances but creating chances is only part of the story. You need to be able to finish those chances and not leave the back door open.

Two pens and a free-kick are our return so far and I think four points from the two games is about right. Chuffed to bits with that to be honest but we do need to start converting if we want to remain top half. Ferrier and Cook look well up to the level (and Ferrier maybe even higher) in every aspect of the game except their finishing at the moment.


Agreed, need to score from open play soon and not rely on penalties and freekicks. Keep creating as many as we are though and it’ll come, and the link up between winger and forwards will only get better.


Our first match review of the season :small_red_triangle_down:


Interesting (and promising) reading. Thanks Simon!


Both times by running down the wing with pace. We’re gonna get quite a few penalties this season.


Totally agree. It’s also worth noting that there was utterly no doubt about either one from a referee’s point of view. Two nailed-on penalties!!


Apropos our decent start, I went local yesterday. Carlisle v Northampton showed how much of a bullet we missed through avoiding relegation. While entertaining for a neutral, the football was dire at times.
Onward and upwards.


Really good team performance,missed osbourne when he went off.Really kept a strong shape throughout although leahy was all over the place at times,great left foot but no positional sense,Guthrie constantly pointing to where he should be.


All over the place really? Personally I thought he did well


me too.


Mixed views on Leahy, personally I thought he had a good game from what I saw on ifollow.


Better than the Plymouth game but definitely not the answer for LB long term.


I think Leahy has improved alot since last season.


He scored joint top player in the E&S with 8 points :astonished: