Scunthorpe United (H) Jan 12th, 3pm


The most concerning thing for me was the lack of reaction after they scored their second goal either from the team or the Manager. It was a poorish game and Scunthorpe were not a good team but we failed to put them under sustained pressure. Deviln’s goal was a belter and served better. All this criticism he gets from some on here surprises me…he is a wholehearted and committed player and if we had more like him we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in.
I hope these players we are bringing in can do an immediate job…they are needed.


He’s absolutely ■■■■■.

He’s cupped his ears at the fans after scoring. It’s easy to do that, when you concede countless isn’t it?

They’re all crap. And he’s one of the worst.


Like I said, reflect…


Yes I did wonder what all that ear cupping business was about. My initial reaction was that he was having a pop at us. Hope I’m wrong.


Can you blame him? Gives 110% every game, clearly puts himself in where it hurts and clearly has a desire to win, unlike some in the team, and certain people just tell him he’s useless!


So he was cupping his ears at one fan in particular? That’s a bit silly, it really did look like it was directed at all of us in the home end. Good goal though.


Some of the crap you write about him you were lucky it was only his ears he cupped!! People keep saying he has been responsible for a lot of the goals we have conceded. I cannot recall them perhaps you can give me a list!!


Both teams to score scunny to win … I’ll have a bit o’ that :money_with_wings::grinning:


Today was my first home game of the season and I must sympathise with season ticket holders, based on that evidence. The team, the stadium, the match day experience…amateur at best. At £20 odd quid a pop, it might be a while until I return. Give it up Bonser.


U must go to different games.


Devlin gives 100 percent. Hes not the best but hes far from the worst.


Devlin can’t be faulted for effort and was one of our better players today.

I thought Johnson looked decent all game and Jarvis in 1st half.

Aside from that, bang average and clearly lacking in confidence against a bang average opposition. Deserved a point but 2 poor teams out there today and little to get you off your seat.

When you look at the fact we’re rooted to the bottom of L1 form table, it makes for grim viewing.

Keates lacked animation all game and leaving it til the 82nd minute to make the first non enforced substitution was puzzling. He’s not coming across well in interview. Short, clipped responses. Defensive. Saying similar things each time.

We’re in trouble.


Sorry deano out of his depth boy in a mans game


Nope just seen Masi’s correction. Oh well.


I don’t ■■■■■■■ blame him. For you that was.


At least it wasn’t 1-4.


NoOoooo no idea


Atrocious marking for their second.


Downloadable version


Personally i think we have progressed, at least it was only 1-2 and not 1-4 :yum: