Scunthorpe United (H) Jan 12th, 3pm




Absolute rubbish , there are 3 defenders in that shot and one striker … if between them they can’t pick the player up then you have major problems.

Oh hang on :see_no_evil:


Devlins position gets worse the more I see it. Johnson is also behind where he should be but at least knows that Novak is behind him and offside, or so he thinks. Devlin looking along the line in that position is criminal defending. Whether the line is in the right place or not he should stay in it. It’s a team game and would have 100% prevented the goal unless the linesman had a mare. Being where the line should be is probably one of the worst excuses I’ve ever read, sorry El Nombre :joy:. If he stays in that line it’s not a goal regardless of the poor play prior to it. It’s absolute basic defending. It’s what you learn at school. As I’ve said, I’ve stuck up for Devlin but this is indefensible. I’m not putting the sole blame on him mind you. Many errors but he’s at fault for the biggest one. He’s behind his own defense the entire time. terrible.


Watkiss is an ex pro and ex manager and current coach he knows more than the likes of us and he did agree seen it myself.


Am used to the WFC ups and downs since the mid 50’s. Been to virtually all the home games this season. Based purely on the football side of things I am now out of it until something significant happens to the team/manager/management/Bonser to rekindle some interest.

Belph informed us that some of those fans from the 90’s ‘are either dead or don’t go anymore’. Suppose we could call them Leavers…I’ll get my coat :anguished:


Exactly if you conceded that goal at any level you’d be screaming at the right back for playing the striker on side .

Absolute basics of the game , at professional level it’s criminal . If we’re blaming the midfield for that then you may as well relegate us now!


There are errors from midfielders I won’t deny that. But that defensive line should be a safety net. Their job is to defend. Devlin has literally dropped all the basics here and it’s blatantly obvious. The line isn’t great from the others but Johnson coming out to pick up Osbourne man has absolutely no effect on where Devlin should be! If he’s where he should be it’s offside. It’s a blatant lack of concentration. He’s too busy looking at the bloke to the right of him rather than looking along the line. You even see him point to that player. It’s actually offensive how bad it is.

It’s sunday league defending, and even then if my right back did that I’d ■■■■■■■ hammer him.


Yep there all ball watching , and that’s because they aren’t very good. But ye blame the midfield.


Just look at Devlins body language as well. He’s not ready for anything. At least the others seem aware that Novak is offside.


Ok :ok_hand:.


Can’t add any more to that summary.

Nail on the head. There’s no comeback from that.

You can’t coach stepping up to play someone offside. It’s what you learn as an 8 year old


Well I did point out that 2 of those 3 defenders get suckered out of position. That wouldn’t happen if Osbourne was capable of picking up his man and moving a little bit quicker than erosion.


If somebody can let me know which defender, Leahy, Guthrie or Johnson he’s supposed to be in line with, considering they are all at different lateral positions on the pitch, I’d be glad to hear it.

All boils down to having incorrect personnel on the pitch and defenders being suckered out of position.

I really don’t get the logic in Osbourne over Kinsella. I pointed it out before the game and was proven correct.


…we ■■■■■■■ hate your stadium


I will be happy to answer that … your full back should never be behind your centre backs , so take your pick.



He shouldn’t be a yard behind the last CB which is Johnson which is why Johnson coming out to the man makes 0 difference. That’s why you have a line. It’s basic schoolboy stuff. You know me, I don’t like going in on Devlin and Leahy but I cannot defend that.


He’s in line until the defenders step though? Certainly seemed that way to me anyway.

And I’m not laying into the centre halves here. Johnson has to step because the man was free. The man was free because the bloke who should have been marking him was twiddling his thumbs on the bench.


He was until they stepped out of line. As I keep pointing out.


Just give it up.

It’s basic primary school defending.

Also look at his body language - he’s actually leaning backwards where he should be on the front foot - and alert. His body position is all wrong. You can’t coach that, it’s basics.


He’s not! He’s clearly not. He’s a yard behind the entire time! From the start of the clip tot he last he’s behind! I’m sorry I have no idea what you’re watching :joy: