Scunthorpe United (H) Jan 12th, 3pm


But you go as a unit , he’s obviously not concentrating.


That’s the first second of the clip. Novak is in line, maybe slightly behind Johnson and slightly in front of Devlin. It gets worse as it goes on. What more evidence do you need? The line of the box proves it as well. He’s behind the whole time.


What unit? Guthrie and Johnson are both at different positions on the pitch by the time the ball is played.


What? You always have your body language pointing up the pitch? Seems legit…


Are you seriously defending it ?? Heads gone here :see_no_evil:


It really isn’t where it should be. It’s more where Conor Johnson was. But agree Guthrie pushed up because Osbourne just lazily let his man go.


He looks near enough in line to me? Ok there might be a yard in it but it’s hardly catastrophic.

Roll it on a few seconds to where the ball is actually played and we’re at 6s and 7s! Johnson is in DM. Guthrie (who I actually think is the most culpable defender here) is actually even further up the pitch than Johnson! How did he manage that?


El nombre is having a meltdown here.

Why don’t you just admit it’s ■■■■ poor defending from devlin?

It’s ok, we aren’t going to tell the papers.


No mate I just disagree. Having a meltdown =/= responding.


No I’m asking you a question.


You say he’s near enough in line but then say there’s a yard in it. That yard is important. That costs goals. It’s awful.


He shouldn’t be behind the centre backs , your question is irrelevant .

Have you ever played the game ?


Maybe if the ball was played there and then. But the balls on the half way line and there’s another phase to come.

My point is yard or not it made no difference because by the time the actual ball through is played that line has been completely destroyed anyway.


How can you say they’re in line anyway! Look at the line of the box! Mate you’re wrong here. So so wrong. The evidence is right in front of you. I’m not denying there are errors before this but my point is that Devlin has dropped a basic principle of defending and its cost us a goal. The defense are the safety net and his error has left a huge hole in it.


Which one? Because they are both in different positions.


I’m not saying they are in line. I’m saying non of them are in line.


No again you’re missing the basics of defending! You stay in line with your last CB. Devlin does that Novak is always offside regardless of when Johnson/Guthrie come out for a split second. He’s always behind.


I’m saying Devlin should be in line with the last CB regardless of anything else.


It’s suicide for the whole defender to be in line with Johnson when they are that far up the pitch! Johnson is virtually in defensive midfield. In fact Edwards is behind him and he’s the deepest centre half!


If I remember correctly, moments before WFC had a corner. That’s why Guthrie went forward, Devlin stayed as last player. Later was series of small and bigger mistakes how to clear it and they scored. Once again, set piece (no matter offensive or defensive one) and team looks lost. Players too.