Scunthorpe United (H) Jan 12th, 3pm


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I dont think it’s as simplistic as people are saying - we should defend as a team.

In this particular instance, it looks like Devlin has dropped too deep yes, but it’s to easy to just pin it on him, there’s various factors at play here.

Firstly, Scunthorpe managed to get possession of the ball in the “hole” between our midfield and defence. That’s not good. Osborne and Edwards aren’t close enough to affect him, which leads to…

…Both centre halves rushing out to fill the gap. Unfortunately, this takes offside out of the equation, giving Novak an easy run in behind. If the player in the “hole” manages to thread the ball through, then we’re screwed cos both centre halves are caught flat footed facing the wrong way.

Thirdly, just look at how narrow we are. Leahy is probably just out of the shot on the right hand side, meaning our back 4 are probably the width of the 6 yard box. This leaves us really prone to diagonal balls.

It’s a mess, not just Devlin, the whole thing - and I pointed out that we were looking very poor when we tamely surrendered to Portsmouth a couple of months back. The amount of players contributing to this mess, leads me to believe this is bad coaching, not just personnel.


Literally!! :grinning:


Yes, you can blame bad coaching but: should a professional footballer who has played more than 50 league games need to be told how to defend?


Not often I agree with you but this is exactly what I’ve been trying to put across. Even if you say Devlin should have been level it wouldn’t have mattered. Novak starts his run level with where Conor Johnson was stood to begin with anyway so even if Devlin had been level it wouldn’t have mattered, Novak would have still been on.

The moment the centre halves step out of that line the gap is always going to be there. Why they both go is beyond me. No communication. Maybe Devlin contributes by making that gap half a yard bigger than it could have been but I really don’t think that was the cause of the goal.

If Guthrie stays put when Johnson goes (who had too because the DMs are nowhere to be seen) and Devlin plays Novak on then fine. It’s poor from him and I have no problem with him taking the blame. But that’s not what happened.

Hopefully that explains my point a little better.


I still disagree. If Devlin is level with the furthest back CB Novak is offside. He is behind and keeping Novak on the entire time. This is first still from the highlights. If Devlin is in line with Johnson Novak is offside. As I keep saying that is basic defending. Johnson rushing out would make no difference. Also when Johnson does rush out Devlin has to push up with him to get into some sort of shape. You’re taught this at the most basic level of defending. Nobody is taking Devlin out of position with a run, it’s just a blatant lack of concentration. He isn’t solely to blame. There are phases before this which should have prevented this happening but Devlin has disregarded a basic rule of defending as a full back. I was literally taught this at school.


Lets continue to agree to disagree though. Nothing you say will change my stance here unless you bribe me with money :rofl: