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Scunthorpe United (H) Jan 12th, 3pm


Tip number 5. About as basic as you can get :wink:


If the ball is played there yes. But there’s a phase between there and the ball being played.

Isn’t Novak level with Johnson there? Johnson upper body looks to be playing him on. He’s a left foot off at most, near as damn it level and when the ball is played Novak isn’t actually in that position he’s about a yard further back. You can tell that because his foot isn’t in the D of the box when the ball is played.

That’s suicide. Johnson is virtually in midfield when he rushes out. If Devlin simply keeps line with him who is to say Guthrie is there to cover? Or Leahy. Both Centre Halves shouldn’t have gone because it leaves that gap. That’s not Devlins fault. If it’s as simple as that we may as well hold the defensive line on the half way mark.

You can say it’s football basics all you want but there isn’t a defender to keep in line with. Devlin Leahy Guthrie and Johnson are all in different positions when the ball is actually played. That is the real defending basic that was ignored.

I’m not saying Devlin shouldn’t have been level. So should two of the other three defenders. I’m saying it wasn’t the reason they scored. I’m not even denying it’s football basics. Hopefully you can grasp that better than the two England Internationals in this thread that made the same point, even if you don’t agree with it.


He should have been in line with Johnson to start with and he isn’t. Look at Novak’s feet. He’s clearly offside if Devlin is in line to start with. Devlin has no idea whats to the left of him else he gets in line or gets closer to Novak sooner. It’s a blatant lack of concentration.

Lets agree to disagree. Don’t want to upset the mods :grin:


I don’t know how many times I have to agree with this haha. It just isn’t why we conceded. “To start with” is the key phrase there.

His left foot may be offside. Look at Johnson’s body position. The picture has been posted enough throughout this thread :joy: Either way I feel that clearly is a massive over statement and that there are much bigger defensive frailties at play here than debating that.

Haha there was nothing wrong with it in the first place. There’s way way more repetitive and boring threads on this place than a debate about a key moment in a match thread.

Maybe I should just start a thread on how Osbourne isn’t good enough and post in it every time we concede about how ■■■■ he is and roll it on for 4 months or pop up in the brexit thread with a yawning face and a sarcy comment every few days then disappear.




Solid point. Really added to the thread.


I was thinking exactly the same thing. This is the lowest I have felt about the club since supporting them (1979). I haven’t even bothered going to the last two home games despite having a season ticket. A colleague I was explaining this to, said that you have to take the rough with the smooth but it is not about that, it goes far deeper. The club is dying and it is the first time it has really hit me.


That’s very repetitive and inflammatory. @Exile won’t be happy.


Two points I haven’t seen mentioned from Saturday (unless I’ve missed them swapping from phone to laptop) is the attendance and the farce that appeared to be happening with the Scunny fans.

Sub 4k for a Saturday game, with a reasonable away following is shocking. The telltale signs are for there for any senior member of staff that is interested enough to take notice.

What was going on with the away fans? I cam in just as they were all streaming from the far left (as we look at the stand) to the centre blocks. Had our stewards been playing silly beggars?


I made the point further up the thread about the attendance, Tinned. Very rare for a sub 4K attendance on a Saturday.

Some comments made about your other point further up as well.


It must’ve been swapping between devices mid thread that caused me to miss posts then. It was definitely nothing to do with having one too many pre and post match ales … honest :grinning::beer:


Understandable at the minute though. A few pre-match to get the Dutch courage to witness the garbage bring served up and a few post match to drown the sorrows.


It’s getting to the point now where we are thinking about a during the match drink as well as pre and post


Actually for second how on earth didn’t Devlin clear it off the line? Roberts aswell should’ve stood up longer but really it was a slow chipped finish from Novak and Devlin seemed to run past it when he could’ve just headed it away if he’d stopped running in time.


A decision was made to put all away fans into the corner because of recent pitch invasions, stick them all close together, easier to control. It isn’t Coventry or Sunderland though, it’s 300 odd Scunthorpe fans and they were never going to pitch invade. Decided that one block in the corner would be enough based on tickets already purchased and previous years. It wasn’t. So the club again made itself look a laughing stock, having to let young fans who were kicked out for refusing to get into a stand which was already full, so they could then sit in the rest of the stand. The club is a circus.

Other way round and we’d have been kicking off. Maybe get more stewards so it isn’t literally 1 for every 100 fans. ■■■■■■■ morons.


Charging fans 20+ quid to sit in the corner of an empty stand , seriously wtf??

Club has no shame.


you couldnt make it up could you? unreal:joy:


Best of it was, when they eventually let them spread to the middle, we then had stewards stood by the entrance to the right where there were none of their fans.


Win bonuses only get paid at the end of the season, and only if they finish in a certain position or above. Unless it’s changed here in the last year or two.